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On any given day, residents of Martins Run Senior Residential Community, including Muriel Kornspan, Zoe Dana and Morton Adelberg, can be seen lifting weights, riding bikes and participating in themed group exercise classes at the community’s new, state-of-the-art Fitness Club. Featuring air-pressured resistance training equipment specifically designed for seniors by Keiser Corporation and an on-site certified senior fitness specialist, The Fitness Club at Martins Run has been a hit with the residents since it opened its doors last fall.

With strength and cardio machines, including the popular NuStep recumbent stepper, resistance bands, ankle and wrist weights and chair and stand-up group exercise classes, The Fitness Club truly has something for everyone. The seniors can choose to participate in exercise groups such as Women Who Work Out and Men Moving Muscles, or they can work out on their own with assistance from Linda Beaver, The Fitness Club’s Fitness Coordinator. “Many of the residents here never dreamed that they would be doing what they are at their ages,” says Beaver. “With regular exercise and training, even as little as two days a week, seniors notice measurable gains in balance, general coordination and posture.”

One resident who has noticed such improvements is Zoe Dana, a former modern dancer who exercises at The Fitness Club almost every day. “I feel fitter now than I was 10 years ago,” says Dana. “My daily fitness routine makes me feel more energized, and it has been very helpful in getting me back into shape – I can even stretch my leg onto the exercise barre like I did in my dancing days!” Zoe’s favorite Fitness Club activities are the group classes, such as yoga and line dancing, but she also enjoys working on the machines about twice a week.

Zoe also participates in a number of other activities at Martins Run. She especially enjoys the writing classes, which focus on topics such as “Unleashing Creative Expression” and “Writing Your Life Story,” and is head of the music committee, a group responsible for bringing a variety of performers, from classical to popular favorites, to Martins Run.

A resident since 1999, Zoe says the wide array of programs and activities offered, especially the musical programs, are what first drew her to Martins Run. “When I first visited the community, I was invited to join an outing to a concert in Philadelphia,” she says. “The staff and residents here made me feel at home right away.”

According to Zoe, The Fitness Club adds to the appeal of the community. “Martins Run has always provided intellectual stimulation, from on-site, college-level lectures to classes on a variety of different topics. The physical fitness aspect has been excellent too, and is even better now that we have a new gym.”

If Zoe is working out in The Fitness Club, it is a pretty good bet that her friend, Muriel Kornspan, is there as well. Like Zoe, Muriel exercises at the club almost every day of the week. A self-proclaimed “fitness nut,” Muriel was accustomed to working out on her own, but since the opening of The Fitness Club, she has been taking advantage of the classes and equipment. “I’ve always been pretty fit, and The Fitness Club allows me to remain active and in control of my shape,” says Muriel.

A native of New York City and a 20-year resident of nearby Springfield, Pa., Muriel made the decision to move to Martins Run in 2002 with the help of her daughter, a social worker. The move allowed Muriel to remain close to her family while allowing her to continue living an active, independent life. According to Muriel, Martins Run was an ideal choice because it kept her in her neighborhood, allowing for a seamless transition from her condo in Springfield.

Upon moving to Martins Run, Muriel soon realized she had a lot in common with other residents. “Many of us discovered that we were born in the same borough in New York City or that our children know each other. There is a great deal of camaraderie here. It is very easy to become friendly with one another because of the common bonds we share,” she says.

Muriel is happy that she made the decision to move to a retirement community where she can enjoy all that there is to offer. She takes advantage of almost all of the on-site activities, including the musical programs, knitting club and travelogue lectures on exotic places around the world. She also continues to volunteer in the nearby Marple Library, something that she has now been doing for 23 years.

Muriel feels that the time she puts in at The Fitness Club gives her more energy to take part in the other activities. “I like to be active,” she says. “With such a lovely exercise club, I enjoy every minute I spend there, and it gives me the strength I need to accomplish everything else that I want to do each day.”

The Fitness Club at Martins Run has been a hit with the community’s men as well. Just ask Morton Adelberg, a resident who, along with his wife Brena, recently celebrated his one-year anniversary at the community. “Our new Fitness Club is very grand,” says Morton. “I’ve seen and belonged to a number of other clubs, and the equipment here is comparable to the equipment found in the most prestigious gyms,” he continues.

Morton attends classes at The Fitness Club several times a week in addition to taking part in Martins Run’s entertainment programs, movies and lectures. Besides exercising at The Fitness Club, he also enjoys attending the live entertainment programs that the community offers on a regular basis, including performances by members of the Philadelphia Orchestra as well as the barbershop chorus, The Delcordians.

Like Muriel, Morton says the familiarity and friendship evident in the community are what made him and Brena choose Martins Run. The couple had taken part in several events at the community prior to moving, and had made the acquaintance of a number of residents.

Morton says the activities at Martins Run, along with the receptiveness of the staff, allow residents to remain active, independent and fulfilled. “We are trying to grow old as gracefully as possible – a community like this helps you do that,” he says.

According to Beaver, the residents who make use of The Fitness Club at Martins Run are as enthusiastic as fitness buffs half their age. With the wide range of available workout choices and the camaraderie generated by the group exercise classes, the residents of Martins Run are certainly “working it out.”

Membership at The Fitness Club at Martins Run is a free benefit for Martins Run residents. The Fitness Club’s services are available to non-residents at a nominal cost. For more information, contact Linda Beaver at (610) 353-7660.

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