Visiting Angels-Real Life Story

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After her mother passed away, Ann May knew that her father, Robert (“Bob”) Maroncelli, was no longer going to be able to live independently. As a nurse with more than 20 years of experience in the home care industry, Ann was well aware of the array of home care options available, and she knew that her father wanted to remain in his long-time home.

Robert Maroncelli has been able to remain in his home with the help of live-in care from Visiting Angels.

Robert Maroncelli has been able to remain in his home with the help of live-in care from Visiting Angels.

Bob and his wife, “Mickey,” moved to their home in Buckingham Springs retirement community several decades ago after they retired. An accountant, who worked most of his career for the Internal Revenue Service, Bob continued to be active in his community and his church. However, as the years passed, several health problems started to cause mobility issues. As Bob became less mobile, his wife began acting as his primary caregiver.

When Mickey was admitted to the hospital because of worsening heart disease, Ann and her sister quickly realized that their father was going to need some additional help. “I knew of Visiting Angels already, and knew the woman across the street was using them,” Ann recalled. “I called around to a couple of home care agencies and Visiting Angels was the most accommodating and the easiest to work with.”

Visiting Angels began helping Bob periodically, whenever Mickey had to be hospitalized. The family was always satisfied with the care and companionship he received. When Mickey passed away, Ann turned to Visiting Angels once again. The agency found permanent, live-in assistance for Bob within several days.

“Tina moved in immediately, and my father has really taken to her,” Ann said. “She provides personal care and helps him with ambulating, and she also does some meal preparation and generally just makes sure he is well taken care of.”

Since Ann is busy with her own demanding career and her sister lives in Connecticut, the family feels incredibly fortunate to have a quality caregiver with Bob at all times. “There is an enormous sense of reassurance knowing that he is very well taken care of; that gives us a real peace of mind,” said Ann. With the assistance of Visiting Angels, Bob continues to live in his comfortable and spacious home, where he receives frequent visits from neighbors and friends from his church.

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