Two Volunteers Find the Help They Need

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“I guess it’s in the DNA,” Diane Boynton said with a laugh. “We just keep on teaching.” As a former first grade teacher, Diane, and her husband John currently volunteer for a local’s school’s mentoring program.

While John spent 20 years setting up pension plans for corporations and moved on to teaching Latin and Spanish, the couple had three sons. In June, they will celebrate 54 years of marriage.

When the couple realized they were entering what they referred to as ‘phase three’ of their lives, John knew it was time to downsize.

“I was really the instigator and my wife nicely went along with it,” he said jokingly.

In their 70s with good health, the Boyntons wanted to make a move that would accomplish what they wanted in terms of their future medical health.

“We didn’t want to wait too long,” said Diane, “People that do miss out on additional fun.”

Although they knew it was the best decision, the couple realized the move would not be an easy one. After living in their home for over 20 years, the Boyntons were concerned as to what items they would keep.

Fortunately, the staff at their future home, Fairhaven, passed along a brochure for the company Moving On. Once they contacted Nancy Merritt, the couple was assured their move would be a very smooth transition.

“She gave us lots of tips, not only on how to downsize, but she was familiar with Fairhaven,” said Diane. “She nudged us to get rid of the things we no longer needed and was aware of the resources we could tap into.”

The couple was able to ask several questions and found that Nancy knew what items would work best for them in their new home.

Diane said, “She knew better than us what was going to work as far as our new lifestyle and she was absolutely right. We wisely recycled everything we could.”

Aside from the suggestions the Boyntons received, a crew was able to pack and unpack all of their belongings, which was a definite relief for the couple and their family.

After enlisting Nancy’s help, they had one less stress when it came to starting their lives at their new home. Along with their volunteer work, they can take advantage of that additional fun. While both enjoy playing golf, John sings in a choral group at their community and she participates in a bible study in town.

Thankful for their easy transition, they have already made recommendations to friends.

“It would’ve been difficult to move at our age without their help,” said John. “They made it very easy for us.”

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