Triumphing Through Four Tours and Three Nursing & Rehabilitation Admissions

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veterans in retirement communityIn addition to the two terms he proudly served in WWII, along with three in North Korea, one might be surprised to learn that Raymond Miller has triumphed through three rehabilitation admissions.

Between the two wars, Raymond served in the Army for 21 years.  In addition to his education and training for joining the infantry, he learned to become a cook, baker, supervisor and instructor for the Army.

As a bread and pastry baker, Raymond trained to set up and operate mess halls during the Korean War.  After the war, he managed the Officer Club at Ft. Holabird in Baltimore before having the opportunity to travel back to Europe.  Stationed in Salzburg, Austria, he set up and operated the daily feeding of 30,000 Hungarian refugees.

These days, he is continuing his love of baking and is often seen decorating cakes in between watching sports, catching up with friends and sharing his stories of his experiences in combat. And there is one particular facility he thanks for the ability to maintain these activities: Transitions Healthcare of Sykesville.

Raymond was introduced to the facility in 2010 after he was hospitalized and told he would need physical and occupational therapy. When he was hospitalized a second time the following year, it was never a question for Raymond that he would return there for his rehabilitation services.

“Transitions Healthcare is the place to go for great rehab, a friendly and caring staff, a clean building and good activities,” he said.

According to Raymond, both long and short-term residents are encouraged to participate in different opportunities onsite, whether it is enjoying musical entertainment or competing in Bingo.  Since leaving the facility, Raymond said he feels like his old self, with the exception of having more friends than ever with whom to share his war and horse racing stories.

“I go to breakfast at McDonald’s in Westminster and can still decorate a cake when it is necessary,” he said.  “The important thing is that after the rehab services, I am enjoying living on my own, in my home on my small farm.”

And should he need any assistance in the future, Raymond has peace of mind knowing there is a place where he will always be welcome.

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