Time to Make a Move

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Arnold and Caroline first met when they were only six years old. Later they both attended Westtown, a Quaker school in Chester County. Their families were friends. Arnold is an 11th generation Quaker, and his wife, Caroline, is also a long time Quaker, so it came as no surprise that this couple would choose to move into a Quaker retirement community when the time was right.

Arnold and Caroline are members of Gwynedd Friends Meeting and both were members of the Development Committee responsible for the establishment of Foulkeways in 1967. As a couple, they were personally involved in the early days at Foulkeways when the concept of a community where independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing care were all available, was unparalleled. Their daughter, Ann, worked at Foulkeways when it first opened, and Caroline worked on the switchboard.

Arnold was a long time member of Foulkeways Board of Directors, “..so we really never considered going anywhere else. Where we would retire was never the issue; it was when that was a lot tougher to decide.”

Arnold and Caroline owned the Trueblood Company, LLC, a construction and land development company committed to developing distinctive, quality homes in Montgomery and Bucks County.

As you might expect, the Truebloods lived in a Trueblood Company built house in Gwynedd Valley for 45 years, before moving to Foulkeways. “It was a wonderful place to live and to raise our daughter and four sons.” However, both Arnold and Caroline knew that the work and financial cost of maintaining their property was beginning to be too much. “We knew we needed to start thinking about moving.”

“The hardest part of making the move was setting our minds to it,” mused Caroline. “Leaving the gardens and the house with all its wonderful memories…I was sad at times and also wondered if we would miss all the ‘space’ and privacy that we had enjoyed. I worried that Arnold would not adjust. I asked him if he thought he could live happily anywhere else, and he said, ‘If you’re there, I can!'”

“Leaving our home was not an overnight decision, even with all the positives we knew about Foulkeways,” said Arnold. “It took some time to adjust our thinking to include moving into a retirement community, even one as prominent as Foulkeways, but in retrospect, our children saw us delaying our decision, and we’re glad they encouraged us to move forward. We can honestly say that since we arrived at Foulkeways in October 2005, we have found it to be a perfect fit. We have met so many interesting and stimulating people here, people with many diverse interests. Foulkeways residents are active and involved in all kinds of things.”

“In our minds we thought we might not fit in; perhaps we were a little too ‘young.’ We weren’t sure how comfortable we would feel living in a community of only retired people,” said Caroline. “But now I’m a member of one of two Foulkeways Flower Arranging Committees responsible for all the beautiful fresh flower arrangements throughout the many common areas at Foulkeways, and I’m also a member of The Greenhouse Committee, so I am still able to pursue my love of gardening. Arnold has joined the Cost Savings Committee and the Property Committee and is keeping busy with a limited involvement with the Trueblood Company.”

“We feel wonderful about our decision to move to Foulkeways,” affirmed Arnold. “We had seen other families struggling with illness and old age, and we did not want our children to worry about us as we got older.” “We are very happy and comfortable here. It’s just an enjoyable time for us, without demands,” said Caroline. “We have time to spend together, time to travel and time to visit our five children and 10 grandchildren. Foulkeways provides all that we need, without the headaches of maintenance and cleaning, etc., so we are much freer to spend our time doing things we love; and our children are in total agreement with our decision.”

“We wonder why we struggled with the decision to move. However, once the trauma of packing and moving was behind us, we’ve never looked back. There’s just too much to look forward to.”

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