Things to Look for in Senior Housing

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Whether you are researching a CCRC, independent living, assisted living or a skilled nursing facility, there are several important aspects to consider. In the AARP Magazine article titled ‘Selecting Senior Housing,’ Dimitra Kessnides outlined some suggestions of things to look for in a potential community.

Observe residents. Is their hair clean, their clothing soiled? What about staff? Are they stressed, are they surly or curt?

Check out the surroundings. Cleanliness is important, so look for uncollected garbage, dust and dirt. (Odors are normal in nursing homes, especially when hallways are filled with bins of dirty bed linens). Check the bathrooms, look under the beds, etc.

Ask to see the menu. Is there variety and nutritional balance? Is the home sensitive to different dietary needs? You can ask for a copy of the menu and later show it to your parent’s doctor for feedback. Check on where residents eat breakfast. Is it served in bed on a tray? Superior homes will have residents up and out in the dining room.

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