The Sounds of Life: Continuing Care Communities

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VA retired seniorsFrank Pollard currently lives with his wife Molly at Greenspring Village, a continuing care retirement community in Springfield, VA. He and his wife were the 9th and 10th residents to move in, so they have seen the community grow to the sprawling campus of 1500 residents that it is today. Frank and Molly made the move after deciding that it was time for them to relax and enjoy life. Frank’s motto now is, “No mow, no sow, no grow, no stairs, no repairs!”

Before moving, Frank and Molly lived in North Arlington for many years, and he worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. After Frank retired, Molly encouraged him to have his hearing checked, since he often misunderstood her. It was then, in 1990, that he discovered the Beltone Hearing Center at Bailey’s Crossroads in Falls Church. He had his hearing checked by a board certified hearing instrument specialist, who advised him that hearing aids would definitely be in his best interest. The specialist explained that hearing aids would help him to better understand the spoken word, not to mention help him to keep his wife happy.

Mr. Pollard relates, “I’ve been with Beltone since that first test because of the friendly and caring attitude of the staff.” When the Pollards moved into the retirement community in 1998, Frank began to suspect that being around lots of other residents had changed his hearing abilities. He scheduled another hearing evaluation and found out he was right; his hearing had decreased. Working with a hearing instrument specialist, Frank upgraded his hearing aides to the latest available technology. Frank says, “The Beltone staff has always been very accommodating with me, with periodic inspections and general cleaning and servicing of my aids, including even coming to my home for service if I cannot make it to their office. That home visit didn’t cost me anything! They said it was just part of keeping the aids working properly.”

Mr. Pollard continues to be pleased by the services offered. He attests, “Beltone makes it very easy to get hearing assistance because they are nationwide and are available most everywhere I travel out of the area. If I need help while I’m out of town I can call the 800 number, and I will be told where the nearest office is located.” For Mr. and Mrs. Pollard, hearing aids have made a world of difference. Now that Mr. Pollard can hear the sounds of life around him, his quality of life is so much better.

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