The Security to Pursue Her Interests: Home Care Agencies

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senior citizen in home care agency“I paint with the camera,” relates Barbara Young, a photographer, psychiatrist, and most recently, an author. Ms. Young graduated from the John’s Hopkins Medical School and has been practicing psychiatry in Baltimore for 52 years. As a photographer, she is well known in the Baltimore area and has completed a photographic study of the people of the Bahamas.

When she decided to supplement her photos of individuals at the local League for People with Disabilities with their personal stories, she became an author. Her work is collected in Tales of Courage: Recovering Life after Catastrophe.

The volume includes an introduction, 24 individual stories, as well as Barbara’s own story of recovery following a hip replacement. Of the book, she says, “After I went though my hip replacement the handling of my medication was so abysmal that I really almost died. It was so difficult to recover from that. The people I feature in the book are more disabled than I ever was, and their stories include their personal struggles and triumphs. I really find them inspirational.”

In addition to inspiring her book, Barbara’s traumatic experience following her hip replacement also motivated her to investigate retirement living options. While she was hesitant to leave her home to move to a retirement community, she felt like it was her only option until she heard about LiveWell with Friends, a comprehensive long-term care program that allows individuals to remain in their home while receiving the care they need. “I had already signed up to go to a retirement home because I was terrified by the experience with my hip. When one of my friends told me about LiveWell with Friends, I decided to look into it. After investigating the program and comparing it to other options, I decided that the value they offered and the option to stay in my own home really met all my needs,” recalls Ms. Young.

The security of knowing all her future care needs will be met has been priceless to her: “The program includes long-term care insurance and a wellness program, which consists of home maintenance and a network of in-home care providers. The comprehensiveness of the program is very important to me because my family all lives out of the area, and my friends are all very busy; now I know that whatever I need will be taken care of.”

With her retirement planning completed, Ms. Young can now focus on her personal goals. She continues to help others live their lives to the fullest through her work as a psychiatrist and to encourage others with her work as a photographer and author.

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