“The Perfect System” with a Home Health Aide

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"The Perfect System" with a Home Health AideMrs. H lives in a beautiful contemporary home in suburban Maryland that she and her husband had chosen for its design and location to friends and family. It was also the ideal home for accommodating their desire to eventually age in place.

The two met at a hospital outside of London in WWII when she was an Army nurse and he was a doctor caring for wounded pilots. “We fell in love, and when we returned to the states, we got married,” she says.

The couple had three children and proceeded to travel a great deal on overseas assignments. When her husband passed away, there was no question in her mind that she would remain at home. Unfortunately, she fell and broke her hip, but was determined to return home despite needing an extended hospital stay and rehabilitation.

While her family backed her decision, they knew she would need additional help. They then identified the homecare agency CarePlus Home Health, who connected them with caregiver Meri Tegegne.

Meri started working with Mrs. H after she received some rehabilitation at home and was able to help Mrs. H continue her exercises to properly recover. Mrs. H has since gone from using a walker to now just using a cane for balance.

When asked about her last year being Mrs. H’s caregiver, Meri says, “I feel blessed. I lost my mother about 10 years ago, so I treat Mrs. H like my mom.”

Mrs. H is equally enamored with Meri, “She is a wonderful person, very kind and loving. I can’t say enough things. It’s been a great help to me.”

While Meri provides assistance with bathing, meals, laundry, light housekeeping and companionship, the two enjoy spending their time walking around the neighborhood and visiting on Mrs. H’s deck overlooking a beautiful wooded backyard.

Not only does Mrs. H’s family feel her needs are being met, but they feel they have the “perfect system,” and Meri is a valuable team member. “On weekends we spend time as a family, and we feel very comfortable knowing that on Monday Meri will be with mom,” says Mrs. H’s daughter-in-law. “She is reliable and we know we can count on her and we trust her. Mom will say on Sundays, “I miss Meri- I can’t wait for Meri to come tomorrow.”

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