The Perfect Strike: Continuing Care Community

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continuing care resident bowling teamWhether it is the sound of cheering at a Nintendo Wii bowling tournament or laughter emulating from the drama group’s audience, there is no question that the active residents of Attleboro Village, a continuing care community in Langhorne, Pa., have formed a deep sense of camaraderie.

Attleboro Village is a member of The WILMAC Family Healthcare Network. Last year, its staff purchased the Wii game system anticipating the many benefits it could bring the residents. Janis Kind, a resident for the past five years, has become an avid bowler since her daughter donated a large screen television while her granddaughter taught her peers how to use the game system. Eventually this small group of residents found themselves forming a team and participating in tournaments with other communities in the area.

The Wii bowling league is continuing to gain momentum as Janis said their constantly growing team was recently featured on the local news. As a result, her next plan is to encourage tournaments strictly within the community. Attleboro’s tight-knit and vibrant environment was just what Janis Kind had been looking for as someone who was used to being a part of the action through her career. For 25 years, she enjoyed teaching television production to high school students and putting on a daily news show.

In her free time, Janis worked in sales and did trade shows with her husband, a manufacturer representative. The couple of 42 years had three daughters and often enjoyed playing golf and tennis.

After her husband passed away, Janis had lived alone for 10 years before she began to think about her future. It was one day while working at a local department store that she met Carol Sisk, the director of marketing at Attleboro.

Although Janis had visited different communities throughout the area, it was Attleboro’s smaller size and convenient campus that appealed to her.

“Everything’s under one roof, you never have to go outside or go through different halls to get to the dining room and other places,” she said.

When she told her daughters she was considering the transition to a retirement community, they were not initially on board with the idea. Janis, however, had a plan and brought them with her to visit Attleboro.

“Immediately they said, ‘What are you waiting for, it’s beautiful!'” Janis said with a laugh.

And she certainly did not wait long, since that very night she called a realtor to help sell her home. Although she has lived at the community for five years, it had not taken Janis long to immerse herself in its vibrant environment.

“It was easy to get to know everyone and the people that work here are so helpful and wonderful,” she said.

Aside from being a former president of the Residents Association and serving on the Board, Janis has been involved in the community’s Travel, Entertainment and Scholarship Committees while serving as chair of the Nursing Center Committee. As part of the community’s drama group, Janis has also helped put on three different performances.

With this fun and active atmosphere, freedom from home maintenance and a supportive staff, one might say Janis bowled a strike when she made the move to Attleboro.

“I’m very, very happy here,” she said.

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