Assisted Living: The Perfect Home Near Family

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Grandmother in Assisted LivingAlice Ramsey was born into her family as the youngest of eight daughters. After taking care of her father for six years and her mother for 16, Alice has been watching over another member of her large family, her older sister Dola Palmer.

For 30 years, Dola worked for the FBI and was also very active with her local church working as its financial secretary. Although she was never married, she enjoyed spending time with her friends and displaying her needle point skills.

With such a large family, Dola’s sisters played a large role in her life. Alice, who maintained close contact with Dola, would check on her sister consistently.

“I would usually call her every morning to make sure she was OK,” said Alice, “But one morning she didn’t answer and I called our other sister and we found her on the bathroom floor.”

When Dola came out of the hospital, Alice was told her sister would need extended care. A social worker then suggested Springtime Home, an assisted living facility located in Bowie, Md.

Although Alice and her daughter researched other homes, they felt Springtime Home was just right for Dola.

“My daughter said, ‘Let’s go get her and bring her in now,'” said Alice, “It just felt more like home to us.”

The most important aspect for Alice is having her sister living so close to her home.

“I’m five minutes away and I try to go see her and spend an hour or so with her every day,” she said.

Although their sisters do not live nearby, they make sure to visit whenever possible. According to Alice, it helps Dola knowing that so many people care to come and see her.

She especially loves to see Alice’s two grandsons, one of which visits their ‘Aunt Dodo’ every Friday night.

In the seven years Dola has been in her home, Alice said she has been receiving great care.

“Anytime I have a question, the staff has been really good about talking to me,” she said, “When we go over any decision for Dola, they’ve always been very helpful.”

With the help of her loving family, Dola can spend her future years in a caring and home-like environment where her loved ones are only a quick drive away.

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