The Importance of Security in Home Care Agencies

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home care agency residentA native Washingtonian, Juanita Leonard has always enjoyed metropolitan life. She grew up in the area and met her husband, Theophilus, while working at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. She later worked as a seamstress until retiring.

After her husband passed away, Mrs. Leonard was living alone in her apartment. She remembers, “I had nieces in the area, who were more than happy to help me when they could, but I didn’t want to interfere in their lives. I was falling often and having trouble cooking and cleaning as well as I would have liked. I just began to feel insecure.”

Mrs. Leonard decided to seek the help of a home health aide, who assisted her a few times a week. One of her neighbors also helped her out by taking out her trash. However, she still did not feel secure in her home. “I began to realize if any of these things were not consistent, I may be in trouble; I began to worry about my security,” she recalls.

Mrs. Leonard started her search for a retirement community by contacting a local social worker, who offered recommendations: “I was too independent to move to a nursing home, so I needed an assisted living home. She found two places that might meet my needs. The first place we went was The Elizabeth Shoemaker Home, and I fell in love with it.”

Since moving to The Elizabeth Shoemaker Home, an assisted living community for women, Mrs. Leonard has benefited from the added security and the enhanced quality of life. After a recent fall, she was reassured by the prompt response of the staff. In addition to the security offered by on-site medical services, she enjoys the welcoming atmosphere of the community. “I feel a lot of love here. Everyone is helpful and congenial, and I have lots of friends,” she says. “There is entertainment and a lot of activities.” Knowing that she is safe and secure, Mrs. Leonard now spends her free time doing puzzles and reading in the community library.

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