The Help to Stay at Home

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In 1999, my elderly father suffered from blocked arteries and was hospitalized in preparation for angioplasty surgery. However, before the surgery could be accomplished, he went into a coma. He eventually recovered, but due to his long hospitalization, inactivity, and worsening diabetes, he developed gangrene in his feet. Once he returned home, his major health problems and the large amount of required medications necessitated the assistance of 24 hour care from an in-home care provider. My older brother, Wiley, recommended a Reverse Mortgage on my parents’ house to help pay for the care necessary to help my father recover.

Through Arlington County, we received important information and reverse mortgage counseling. In spite of serious health problems requiring constant in-home health care, our parents wanted to remain in the comfort and security of their home, where they have lived for over 60 years. Thanks to financial Freedom and Reverse Mortgage Specialist, Gloria Cohen, the Reverse Mortgage Program has allowed my parents to remain in their home and make use of the equity in their home to finance much needed property maintenance and home repair projects, without having to make any payments.

Based on my father’s age and an appraisal of their home, my parents were able to receive funds to cover everything they needed including: a new central air conditioning unit, a new roof, a new furnace, a wheelchair ramp, a used automobile, plumbing repairs, electrical upgrades, and an outdoor deck. We also used the fund to hire an elder law attorney, Jean Galloway Ball, to update the family will and to write an agreement for the home care agency we were able to hire, Dependable Elder Care. Mrs. Ball also coordinated the Medicaid application.

My father is now 92 years old and is doing well. Presently, he is legally blind and wheelchair-bound, but he is happy to be residing in his hope. The reverse mortgage program helped my parents remain in their own home where they can enjoy their flower garden and encouraging visits from their neighbors, children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

–Steven Grant

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