The Determination to Recover: Nursing and Rehab

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mature male in nursing home“The surgeons didn’t have any assurance that I would come out of this, but I always had faith that I would fully recover,” recounts Glen Fletcher concerning his on-going recovery from a horrible automobile accident. Hospitalized for a little over three months, it was Mr. Fletcher’s resilience and faith that helped him to return home so quickly.

After graduating from seminary, Mr. Fletcher and his wife established a pastorate at Grand Road Methodist Church in Fairfax, VA. Glen was in the pastorate for twenty years before working for Fairfax County social services and later with a health insurance company. Of his work as a pastor, Mr. Fletcher relates, “a couple has to work together in whatever they do, all those pastorates were as much my wife’s as mine. She was always very much involved and helped to put programs in place that are still in the communities today.”

Glen is quick to give credit to his wife for all his accomplishments and for his current recovery. Her assistance has been essential to his current recovery. However, in order for her to maintain her current job, the couple had to find a way for Glen to receive the necessary therapy and day-time care. “We wanted to find an organization that could help us in resettling after the accident. I had to have a place where I wasn’t just left at home alone since I had a lot of healing left to do. We found a new organization in our area, Hearth & Home Senior Adult Day Healthcare Program, that we thought could help,” recalls Mr. Fletcher. Glen and his wife decided the program could assist them, and he has been attending since June.

During the day, he participates in activities ranging from reading in the well-stocked library to enjoying live classical music. However, his time at Hearth & Home isn’t all spent in leisurely activities. He receives rehabilitative therapy at the facility and is involved in all types of physical and mental exercise programs, which help expedite his recovery. As Glen points out, “Being a part of something like this is much better than being at home for so many reasons. It’s nice to have company, and all of the activities keep me on my toes, which helps me to regain my memory and to feel more confident in my ability to fully recover.” Getting better everyday, Mr. Fletcher looks forward to a full recovery.

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