Senior Care: The Days Keep Getting Better

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grandmother in adult day careAlthough reasoning may vary, several people are choosing to take on roles similar to that of Kristen Gause. When her grandmother, Elinetta Keifer was staying in an assisted living facility in Texas, Kristen found out someone wandered into Elinetta’s room and attempted to take her belongings. She felt the best solution was to bring her grandmother to the D.C. metropolitan area to live with her.

“We spent six months looking for stuff for her to do,” said Kristen, “Then one day I saw a van driving through my neighborhood that had the Manassas Senior Center sign on it.”

Since Elinetta has a difficult time moving around and needs assistance, the center gave her granddaughter the number for the Manassas Senior Day Program.

“I cannot speak highly enough of the program,” said Kristen, “I know that she’s safe and happy and it gives me a chance to relax.”

At the adult day center, Elinetta takes part in various activities such as bingo, arts and crafts, and listening to music. People can also play a number of games and enjoy movie days. Most important to Kristen, however, is the staff that she said has been so kind to her grandmother.

“They take really good care of her and that’s the main issue,” she said, “She’s so happy when she goes there.”

Elinetta grew up in Johnstown, PA and was involved with the Daughters of the American Revolution. Although her husband of over 50 years has passed away, Elinetta is a proud grandmother of nine and also has seven great-grandchildren.

It has been a year since she first attended the Manassas Senior Day Program, and according to Kristen, Elinetta has established several connections through the day care.

When Prince William County thought of shutting down the program and changing it to a private sector, Kristen did not hesitate to speak on its behalf.

“Programs like these have to be in place,” she said, “Not everyone has their retirement plans set up and I can definitely see more parents living with their children in the future.”

Elinetta would have to agree since, as her granddaughter mentioned, she keeps increasing the time she spends there.

“We started at one day a week to test the waters and see how the place was,” said Kristen, “Now she’s been going two-four days, and even a whole week at times.”

With many individuals now becoming caregivers for their loved ones, Kristen would recommend taking advantage of adult day cares, as it has relieved some of the stress that can accompany such a role.

“It goes beyond anything that we have experienced,” she said, “It’s a wonderful program.”

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