The Benefits of an Assisted Living Facility and Medical House Call Team Working Together

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When it comes to finding an assisted living option for a parent or loved one, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Some people prefer larger communities whereas others want an option that offers a smaller and homier feel.

One person who preferred the latter is *Elizabeth Jones, who suffers from early onset dementia.  According to her daughter, *Lisa Benson, a larger assisted living community had not been a good fit in the past due to the age discrepancy between Elizabeth and other residents becoming an issue.

The small assisted living home she ultimately chose was Tysons Woods, which is owned and operated by Andy Cocito and has two locations that are actual residences located in the neighborhoods of Vienna, Va. Here, Elizabeth has a private apartment as well as access to the home’s common areas and gardens. In addition, the community’s staff ensures that she and her fellow residents receive the care they need as it is individually tailored to each person’s wants and needs.

To further ensure that Elizabeth and her peers get the care they need, Tysons Woods has been working with the medical team of DocTalker, a primary care practice whose doctors offer house calls and are available 24/7 via phone and email medical consultations.

“We act like a team,” said Andy. “The doctors help to make sure that all of our bases are covered. They will come to the house for everything from emergencies to regular check-ups and are always available when I call.”

Dr. Alan Dappen, Founder and Medical Director of DocTalker, has worked with the community for the past five years. “We like being there when Andy needs us, whether to do a medical consultation by phone or to make a house call for more complicated needs, or to do something like doing lab work,” he said.

With this care among other amenities, Lisa said her mother has thrived at the community.  “I haven’t seen her happier in her whole life,” she said, adding that her mother loves everything about the home from spending time with pets to seeing other families and kids passing through.  Most importantly, it has given Lisa peace of mind that her mother is in good hands.

“Having the doctor come in has been extremely helpful and Dr. Dappen has done everything from giving flu shots to helping diagnosis a urinary tract infection,” said Lisa.  “The way the community and doctors work together has taken a huge burden off of me.”

*Names have been changed.

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