Taking Advantage of Numerous Opportunities with Assisted Living

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enjoying the options of senior livingNorm and Laura Jones were splitting their time between Florida and New York when they had a few eye-opening experiences. The couple realized many of their friends were having difficulty planning their future years when they could no longer take care of themselves.

“We wanted it to be our decision and not our children’s,” said Laura, “We wanted to make the decision while we were still competent and still healthy.”

Their three daughters, however, did play a role in the decision as the couple now resides just a few hours from them at Kendal at Lexington in Virginia. Married for nearly 57 years, they also have four granddaughters.

They met in Erie, PA, where he started work for General Electric after serving in the Navy during World War II and after attending school in his home state Illinois. Having grown up in a small town near Erie, Laura went to business school in Syracuse and worked as a secretary until their children were born. With his skills in engineering, Norm continued working for GE in New York for the next 36 years.

When it came to their future, the couple wanted to live in a place that would offer a continuum of care as they grew older.

“We researched a number of places,” said Norm, “We knew about Kendal and found out they were building a new community in Lexington.”

The couple is now living the life they knew they wanted and they could not be happier. They are grateful that their pace has slowed down slightly and that their newfound free time allows them to pursue all of the opportunities offered in and around their community. Most importantly, their various activities have enabled them to form bonds with other members.

“It’s been very enjoyable,” said Norm, “There is plenty to do at the pace we want to live.”

Although they do not travel as much, their free time is spent exploring other hobbies and helping others through volunteer work. Laura enjoys reading while Norm can be seen practicing his swing on the golf course. It is hard to imagine he finds the time to do so as he serves on the Board of Directors, marketing committee and has been active in the Residents’ Association.

Since Lexington is home to Virginia Military Institute and Washington and Lee, the couple takes advantage of the activities offered by these institutions. They enjoy watching plays, and Norm, like many other residents, has been taking part in the lifelong learning opportunities. Through Washington and Lee, they are able to audit courses free of charge, which has been a very educational and fun experience for Norm.

“I sit in classes, buy the books, and read,” he said, “But I don’t take the test or write papers.”

After researching their living options and planning ahead, Norm and Laura can now utilize their free time as they please. Although they have found a peaceful lifestyle in their new home, they cannot help but take advantage of the many opportunities the surrounding area has to offer.

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