Surrounded by Exceptional People: The Assistance of a Caregiver

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elder man cared for in assisted livingWhen it came to his career and activities, Hank Cirbee did it all dabbling in various fields and favorite pastimes. Though he has accomplished quite a bit, Hank is a great example of knowing when to seek help as he did with his caregiver.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Hank had gone into the service through which he was put in charge of a communication system in Japan and eventually became a sergeant. Over the years he worked at a telephone and an engineering company and started two companies of his own in Illinois and D.C.

In the latter part of his career, he had started a company that specialized in engineering products for hefty equipment in the commercial construction trade.

When he eventually moved with his wife from Maryland to the D.C. metro region in 2006, he had a brain hemorrhage. Following his release from a rehabilitation hospital, his wife, a college dean, wanted to find a daytime option for Hank.

“My wife found Hearth and Home and figured it would be a good deal since I would not be home alone and could be amongst people my age,” he said.

With her career, she realized the difficulty of commuting to the adult day center and did not know many people in the area to help.

The couple then looked through the Yellow Pages and found out about Home Instead, a home health care company that would not only offer transportation services but could help with other activities of daily living.

Once the Cirbees enlisted their help, Hank’s caregiver assisted him with laundry and housekeeping as well as his bathing when he was more dependent.

“She was very helpful and made me feel comfortable,” said Hank. “Their key to success has been hiring exceptional people.”

Now two years into his relationship with Home Instead, Hank primarily utilizes the company’s transportation services. When his wife is required to be elsewhere, however, his caregiver will cook meals or take Hank out.

“They have provided a number of individuals who are all very dependable and congenial,” he said.

With the security his caregivers have provided, Hank enjoys reading and gardening at his adult daycare where he has formed a large group of friends.

“I have a bit of restlessness and like interaction between people,” he said. “Two of us got to chatting and what was a community of 25 individualists became a big cohesive family.”

And with this group, his wife and a trusted home care company, Hank knows he has different families he can rely on when needed.

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