Staying ‘In Tune’ with the Entertainment World

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As a tax accountant for 20 years with her own business in Arlington, Va., Marta Harkins utilized her mathematics background to help others.

“I loved to help people save money,” she said. “You become friends with these people after learning about them and it was very gratifying.”

A volunteer at Virginia Hospital Center for many years, Marta, aside from offering her assistance to others, also devoted a great deal of her time to one of her favorite activities, reading. However, over the years that she and her husband have lived at Vinson Hall, a continuing care community located in McLean, VA., Marta’s vision has declined, causing reading to become a difficult hobby.

Luckily, the staff at her new home, especially RADM Martin, have been instrumental in bringing technological advancements into the community. One of those was the elderly friendly Linked Senior entertainment system that offers residents access to a huge variety of entertainment and media.

“I’m very enthusiastic and use it quite a lot,” said Marta. “It’s one way to listen to a book and carry it around with you.”

The device has proven very convenient for her as she downloads various audiobooks onto her player from a station in the community and listens while she is waiting for doctor’s appointments.

“I use Linked Senior mostly for reading, but it’s wonderful how you can get music, talk shows and newspaper articles with a variety of subjects like military and art history,” said Marta.

With over 63,000 available audio pieces ranging from games to cooking lessons, Marta has been using the device for a couple of years and could not be happier to have been one of the ‘guinea pigs’ first receiving it.

The service that was designed to be accessible to many has proven to be an invaluable product for Marta and her eyesight. It accommodates other impairments too. “There are only five buttons and it’s so easy to operate, it’s an invaluable product,” she said.

With her new handheld device keeping her connected, Marta and her husband continue to thrive with the activities and social life at Vinson Hall. The mother of two and grandmother of four remains active in a women’s service club called Soroptimist International while continuing her volunteer efforts at the hospital with her husband.

And with her dedication to others over the years, there is no question that Marta deserved such a gift that could help her maintain her favorite hobby.

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