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Eli Freedman moved from his Pikesville home of 41 years to Broadmead Retirement Community last fall. Contemplating eight rooms filled with furniture, books, documents, computer equipment, and office supplies that he “couldn’t live without,” Mr. Freedman was overwhelmed at the prospect of disposing and packing. He knew he needed the services of an experienced moving coordinator to help in his move.

Mr. Freedman chose Nancy Brown, owner of Custom Moves, for the job. He started preparing for his move several months before his moving date, so he could work at a slower pace that would not unduly stress him. “The fact is,” Mr. Freedman said later, “that I am a congenital procrastinator and would have put everything off until the movers were knocking on the door. Nancy kept after me to make the hard decisions NOW about what items were indispensable, and which ones could be disposed of one way or another. Additionally, she gave me excellent advice about what items were ready for the trash heap, which ones should be donated to charities, and suggested consignment shops for the profitable disposition of other items.”

While working on floor plans for his new home, it became obvious that most of his books, papers, and computer equipment would not fit comfortably in the second, smaller bedroom that he had originally designated as his home office/guest room. “Nancy suggested that I choose the larger bedroom for my office and use the smaller bedroom for sleeping. That arrangement has worked out great. Nevertheless, trying to find enough storage space for all the necessary things that I wanted to keep was a challenge. Nancy suggested that I have shelves installed in the large walk-in closet for storage while the smaller closet in the second bedroom is adequate for my clothes. On moving day, she supervised the placement of the furniture, and organized the contents of the large closet.”

In thinking about his move, Mr. Freedman jokes that he could have done it by himself– given an extra year or two. Now settled in his new home, Mr. Freedman admits, “Hiring Custom Moves was the smartest move I made.”

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