Springwell Senior Living Community-Real Life Story

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Moving to Springwell Senior Living Community in Baltimore, Md., allowed Estelle Greenberg to be close to her only child, Nancy, who lives nearby. The two of them can often be found participating in community events or heading out to run errands.

A native of Baltimore, Estelle found the perfect retirement community in her beloved hometown.

A native of Baltimore, Estelle found the perfect retirement community in her beloved hometown.

Except for a brief stay in Philadelphia, Estelle has spent her entire life in Baltimore. She completed her education in the Baltimore Public School System. Upon graduation, Estelle entered Sinai School of Nursing.

After becoming a Registered Nurse, Estelle wanted to enlist in the armed forces. However, there was a height requirement — a minimum of 5 feet; Estelle was 4’ 11”. She recalls “puffing up” her hair so that she would appear taller when she went in for her test, but it didn’t work. Estelle’s career went in a different direction.

Estelle worked for four years in the operating room at South Baltimore General Hospital, which is now known as Harbor Hospital. During this time, she continued her education, completing a certification course at Johns Hopkins University for Operating Room Technicians.

One of Estelle’s superiors took note of her skills and work ethic and suggested that she undertake additional studies to become an anesthetist. It was rare for a woman to enter this field, but Estelle did not shy away from the challenge. Soon after, she packed up and headed to Philadelphia for an 8-month program of study to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). When Estelle came home, she returned to South Baltimore General, where her successful career spanned four decades.

As a CRNA, Estelle was considered a child specialist; she had a special gift for helping children overcome their fears of medical procedures. As her young patients were being wheeled away from their parents, they were often screaming and crying. “I would walk beside them and once they were away from their parents, I would look at them and say, “Okay, you don’t have to cry anymore, I am not your parent,’” she recalled. Surprisingly, the children would stop crying and settle down.

During her career, Estelle met and married her husband, who was a salesman. The couple had a daughter, Nancy, who followed in her mother’s footsteps. Nancy graduated with her nursing degree from the Villa Julie College, now Stevenson University, and is currently a nurse researcher at the University of Maryland.

Since her retirement, Estelle enjoys spending time with her friends at Springwell playing dominoes, Bingo and word games. She is very close to her daughter, and they both enjoy taking in cultural events. Estelle’s advice to young people just venturing out into the working world is to take the time to find something you really like. “If you enjoy what you are doing, you won’t mind getting up and going into work each day,” she said.

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