Sometimes Help is the Only Option: Independent Living

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senior woman in an independent living in chevy chase MDAfter completing her service in the Navy, Mary Barrett went on to graduate school, where she majored in retailing. She specialized in personnel training while working for various retailers in California. Mrs. Barrett moved to D.C. after meeting her husband. The couple had three children later in life. She says, “I was having babies when my peers were talking about SATs.”

Her children live all across the country now, and although Mrs. Barrett moved to a smaller home, she recently decided that it was time to get rid of her house and start a new life. While looking for an independent living community, she considered communities that were further out because her friends had moved there. She ultimately decided that she wanted to remain close to the city and avoid long commutes back and forth to her doctor’s offices. Classic Residence by Hyatt, an independent living community in Chevy Chase, MD, has proven to be a great choice for Mrs. Barrett.

While touring a model apartment at Classic Residence, Mrs. Barrett commented on the resident’s attractive d�cor. The resident responded, “I owe it all to Susie; don’t move without her.” Mrs. Barrett found out that “Susie” was Susie Danick, the owner of Transitional Assistance & Design. Transitional Assistance & Design is a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM). She took the resident’s advice and would now make the same suggestion to anyone facing the challenge of downsizing and moving to a retirement community.

Before the move, Transitional Assistance & Design came in and took pictures of Mrs. Barrett’s belongings in order to duplicate the set-up of her house in her new apartment. Next, Susie helped Mrs. Barrett prepare lists of things to take with her to the new apartment, to give away, to sell, and to throw away. These steps prepared Mrs. Barrett for moving day, which, for her, was effortless.

“I never even saw a box,” she exclaims. “I left my house at 8:30 AM, and when I came to the new apartment the next day at 3:30 PM, everything was finished. All my furniture was in its place; the kitchen utensils were in the drawers; the pictures were on the walls; the plants were placed all around. It was really incredible to walk in and see all that she had accomplished so quickly.” Mrs. Barrett goes on to say that she never saw or dealt with the movers. Susie handled all the details for her, allowing her to spend time with her children and enjoy going out to dinner on her first night in her new apartment.

With all of her belongings in their proper place, Mrs. Barrett was able to transition smoothly to her new community. She laughs as she says, “My apartment really looks today just like it did the day I walked in. Susie’s taste is so exquisite, and she had such wonderful decorating suggestions that I haven’t changed a thing.” Mrs. Barrett concludes, “I really couldn’t have done it without her.”

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