Small Assisted Living Can Be the Perfect Choice

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Agnes Shemansky worked in a garment factory while raising her two sons, Joseph and Vincent. Her husband, Peter, worked on the railroad until his retirement. When her husband died in October 1984, Agnes realized that she would assisted living md residentneed some assistance with daily activities.

In September of 1993, she moved from Pennsylvania to Maryland to be with her son, Vincent and daughter-in-law, Connie. In Maryland, she enjoyed attending senior center activities. When Agnes started to have more difficulty performing routine activities, the family realized that she needed some additional assistance. It was then that Country Gardens, a residential assisted living community, became the choice for Agnes’ care.

Agnes and her family chose Country Gardens because of its landscaped grounds and homey atmosphere. Knowing that staff members were available to help with daily grooming and personal hygiene needs was also comforting. For Agnes, the community’s home cooked meals and social activities were appealing. An avid bingo player, Agnes loves participating in the many available activities. During the frequent sing-along sessions, she may even be coerced to give a solo performance of one of her favorite melodies.

Seeing Agnes participate in community activities and enjoy the amenities gives her family peace of mind. They know that Agnes is being cared for with love and compassion. Family members note, “We are very happy that Country Gardens has provided superior and consistent care for our mom. She gets all the care, thoughtfulness, and concern that we could possibly wish.”

When Agnes’ daughter-in-law, Connie, retired from IBM Corporation in December 1999, she was looking for a meaningful second career. In June of 2000, Connie Shemansky became part of the staff at Country Gardens Assisted Living. Her decision to seek a second career in elder care was due primarily to her first-hand experience with the conscientious care her mother-in-law received. Since joining the staff, her duties have included cooking, caregiving, housekeeping, social activities coordinator, and even assistant manager. Connie said, “I have found the job rewarding. Whatever I can do to make the lives of the residents pleasant, I am ready and willing to do.”

Agnes, who was has been described as having a gentle humor and an unassuming nature, continues to enjoy the lifestyle that Country Gardens provides for her. In addition to her beloved sing-alongs, Agnes always looks forward to special events and activities at her new home, including frequent holiday parties and summer barbecues.

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