Serial Movers Found a Place to Settle in CCRC

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ccrc retirement community residents coupleBarbara and David Brosnan have moved many times during their 20-year marriage. You might say they are experts.

As a Methodist minister, now retired, David Brosnan served many different congregations throughout his conference and the couple often found themselves calling the moving company. Growing up in a military family and then marrying a Methodist clergyman, Barbara Brosnan admitted she had never lived in one place for longer than four years until the past seven, which the couple spent in Winchester, VA.

During their two year search for a retirement home, the Brosnans researched, toured, and considered a wide variety of communities. They ultimately chose Homewood at Williamsport, a CCRC located near Hagerstown, MD. Even though their first trip to Homewood consisted of nothing more than a drive through, the pair was hooked.

“I loved it immediately because it was established,” Barbara said. David added that he instantly noticed how well maintained the community was. Add to that Williamsport’s close proximity to their friends and activities in Winchester, access to major airports, and the knowledge that they could bring their cat and dog, and the Brosnans were ready to learn more.

The pair said easy access to a large airport was important because the six children and seven grandchildren they share are scattered all across the country. “We usually go to them,” Barbara said. The Brosnans also wanted to make their own retirement living decisions, so their children would not have to make them later.

They scheduled a tour of the community and had the opportunity to eat lunch in the dining room. David recalled sitting near the exit door while residents passing by stopped to introduce themselves and chat for a minute. One resident, who was an acquaintance, invited the couple to her cottage for a look at a furnished space. “Everyone was so welcoming and supportive,” Barbara said.

Beyond finding the right community, the Brosnans knew exactly what they wanted in their new home. Routine renovations were scheduled for their new home, and the couple decided to add some additional upgrades, which they paid for. According to Anne Whitman, marketing director at Homewood at Williamsport, most new residents want some customization to make their new residences cozy and more homelike.

Some of the cosmetic upgrades the Brosnans wanted included custom paint and crown molding in the living room. They also made decorating changes to make the smaller rooms appear more spacious. For example, they asked the painters to paint the ceilings in the bedrooms the same color as the walls and chose paint from the same color palette for all the rooms. Barbara, who prefers natural light, changed the blinds and draperies to provide a more open look.

The pair also made some changes aimed at possible future needs. Barbara said her background in geriatric nursing led her to ask for a taller bathroom vanity and commode. Accommodations like these will undoubtedly make life simpler as the Brosnans grow older.

Today, the Brosnans feel right at home in their custom-decorated cottage. Their next project? Enjoy all that retired life, and their new community, has to offer.

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