Senior Transitions, Inc.-Real Life Story

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Theodore DeBois was living in his large, single family home alone. His wife had passed away several years earlier, and the house was quickly becoming too much to manage. Due to his worsening macular degeneration, Theodore also required round-the-clock home care aids to assist him.

“When my father decided it was time for a move, I was pretty stressed about how I was going to get him moved,” recalled June Jacobs, Mr. DeBois’ daughter.

June and her family quickly settled on North Oaks, a nearby independent living community, as her father’s new home. The community suggested she contact a moving coordinator to help with the details of the large move. “I called Senior Transitions, and that was the best call I ever made,” June said. Senior Transitions, Inc. is a moving coordination company owned by Charna Kinneberg, RN, MBA.

Following their initial phone consultation, Charna started working on a floor plan for Mr. DeBois’ new home. She brought her computer to the family home, measured the furniture and quickly ascertained what would fit in the new apartment. June said, “By the time she was done, we knew exactly what furniture we were taking. That was a major help.”

When moving day arrived, Senior Transition’s expertise again proved invaluable. Charna and her staff packed the entire house in just a few days and then enlisted a top-quality mover to handle the complex move. “Throughout the process, every time I would panic, she would assure me that everything would be all right, and she was right,” explained June.

On the day of the move, Mr. DeBois went out to lunch with his caregiver and returned to an apartment that was ready to live in: complete with pictures on the wall, clothes in the closet, food in the fridge, and linens on the bed. After the move was finished, Charna arranged to have people remove the remaining junk and trash from the home.

“I really can’t recommend Charna’s services enough,” June concluded. “She took so much off my plate and made the whole process just amazing. I call her and her staff angels.”

A mere six weeks after deciding he was ready to move, Mr. DeBois was settled into his new home at North Oaks. Today, he is enjoying all that community living has to offer.

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