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Facts about Aging in Pennsylvania:

  • Pennsylvania’s population age 65 and over is expected to increase from 15% of the total population in 2010 to 19% in 2020, and 19% in 2030.
  • Pensylvania is the 4th state in percent of the population age 65 and older.
  • Pennsylvania is tied for 3rd state in percent of age 85 and older.
  • 24.2% of PA households have one or more people over 65 and older.

Source: Pennsylvania Depatrment of Aging

Pennsylvania State Plan on Aging

Every four years, the Department of Aging is required by both  state and federal law to develop and submit to the Administration on Aging a  “State Plan on Aging.” The plan is a mandate in order for the commonwealth to  receive federal funds under the Older Americans Act. The purpose of the plan is:

  • To help ensure that Pennsylvanians will age and live well and  that communities will be designed to help them age and live well
  • To move the discussion away from Institution vs Home and Community-Based Services and to refocus on access to the appropriate services and care for the right time, with the right intensity, in the right setting, for the right duration.
  • To bring the best of Pennsylvania to Pennsylvanians

In November 2011, the Department began the planning process at the joint meeting of the Pennsylvania Council on Aging and the Pennsylvania Association of Area Agencies on Aging. At the meeting, breakout sessions addressed issues and topics relevant to Pennsylvania’s older population.
The 52 Area Agencies on Aging will also be developing local plans that will compliment the state’s plan. To contact your local Area Agency on Aging, click here

Source: Pennsylvania Department on Aging

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