Senior Living: A Rewarding Experience

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The Beresins at The Quadrange Retirement Community

While continuing outside pursuits, Connie and Carl Beresin have gotten involved with different committees at The Quadrangle and enjoy the many concerts, lectures and movies the retirement community has onsite.

Through their separate careers, Carl and Connie Beresin devoted much of their lives helping and advising others.  While they found their work rewarding in itself, it is safe to say they are currently enjoying some well-deserved perks living at The Quadrangle, a Sunrise Senior Living community located in Haverford, Pa.

Married in 1955, the Beresins had four children, after which Connie returned to school to receive a BA in sociology and a graduate degree in social services management.  She spent 30 years in non-profit social services management with the YWCA, WOMENS WAY and JEVS.

“My focus on other women to help them identify their strengths and future goals, to determine the best ways to work and/or to change their circumstances in positive ways was important to me,” she said.

Meanwhile, Carl, a Wharton School graduate who received his MBA from Temple University, worked 27 years for a national food service company before working as a business broker.  “I liked advising clients with respect to buying new businesses,” he said.  “My expertise has been in business operations and financial aspects thereof.”

Following their retirement, the couple eventually decided it was time to make the transition to a retirement community that could meet their potential future needs.  When researching their options, the Beresins said they were immediately drawn to The Quadrangle for its ambiance and beautiful grounds.

“We liked the culture, the stimulating and challenging intellectual and creative environment,” said Connie.  “We knew it had been established by Quakers and having lived in a Quaker town, although we are Jewish, we felt at home and welcome.”

Also important to the Beresins was the fact that the community is a perfect middle ground between two of their sons in West Chester and Philadelphia.

After settling into their cottage, the couple wasted no time getting involved in the various programs at The Quadrangle, most of which are facilitated by the residents.  Connie heads the Art Program, and is a member of the Poetry Committee and Writers Group. She enjoys spending time painting in the Fine Arts Studio. Carl is cottager representative to the House Committee, one of seven rotating residents who facilitate weekly current events discussion and has been preparing for a script-in-hand play.

“We both swim laps regularly a few times weekly while I go to water exercise 2 to 3 days a week,” said Connie.  “We enjoy the many concerts, lectures, and movies here at The Quadrangle as well as dining with a wide variety of friends.”

Although they are highly active at the community, they appreciate having the flexibility to continue their various pursuits offsite.  The couple attends the 1807 & Friends series of chamber concerts in the city and a film group in Swarthmore. Connie, a published poet, participates in the Swarthmore Poetry Workshop while Carl plays bridge at the Drexel Hill Bridge Club and attends sporting events at the University of Pennsylvania.  They spend summers in Vermont with family and friends visiting.

Most importantly, the Beresins are able to stay on-the-go with the knowledge that a range of healthcare services is available at the community.  From independent living to skilled nursing and memory care, The Quadrangle provides amenities and services to meet the specialized needs of each of its residents.

And with this security, the couple is just enjoying living in the moment. As Connie said, “We both feel fortunate to be here. My husband and I are having the time of our lives!!”

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