Ruling On Retirement: Moving to Assisted Living

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When it came to their future, Fletcher and Maradel Ward knew moving to a community was the perfect option. After seeing the great experience Maradel’s mother had, the couple realized it was time to downsize and take the next step.

Fletcher had retired in 1988 from 36 years as a lawyer while Maradel had worked as a home economist for the Baltimore Gas and Electric Company for 20 years. Married for 58 years, the couple has two children and three grandchildren.

No strangers to the moving process, the Wards had lived in Florida, Illinois, and D.C. as a result of corporate relocation. The couple was living in a large condo when they decided to make their most recent transition and knew it would require some additional help.

“After moving so many times, we knew it was quite a lot of work,” said Fletcher, “We didn’t want to do any heavy lifting and injure ourselves.”

That much-needed assistance came from Kathy Naviasky of Moving Solutions. After reviewing suggestions from their future community, the Wards contacted her and arranged a meeting. Together, they planned the furniture placement in the Wards’ new home which ultimately determined what items the couple would keep.

They were then able to connect with a local auctioneer and arrange for the sale of those belongings they no longer needed. During the Wards’ last day in their condo, the helpers packed all of their items and coordinated with their mover. On the big day, the moving helpers assisted with the couple’s furniture placement as planned and made sure all items were put away.

“Everyone was so helpful, I don’t know how we would’ve done it without this group,” said Fletcher.

The Wards, although experienced movers, found that having some extra help makes all of the difference. They have since recommended the moving service to their friends who have in turn spread the word to others.

“If any move after 18 years could be easy, this was it,” said Fletcher, “I cannot speak highly enough of Kathy and her group.”

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