Nursing at Home: Returning the Care of a Loving Aunt

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aunt with at home careMary Anzulis may have worked as a department store salesperson in downtown Baltimore for over 50 years, but her number one priority was taking care of her home and family.

Although she and her husband of 60 years, Joe, had no children, they bestowed their care on the family they did have.

But there came a time when Mary could not provide such care for others or even herself at times. For Pat Fuchsluger, however, it was never a question to assist her loving aunt in any way that she could.

When Mary was diagnosed with dementia, Pat became her court-appointed guardian, and with the suggestions of medical and legal professionals, found an assisted living facility for Mary.

As time went on, it became apparent that Mary needed 24-hour care. Pat, who volunteers as the president of the Continuing Education Alumnae Board at the College of Notre Dame and leads scripture studies in her home, knew she could not solely take care of Mary.

The personnel at her aunt’s home provided Pat with the names of several places that specialized in around-the-clock care.

While researching her options, Pat met with Susan Push of Keswick Multi-Care Center’s At Home initiative in Baltimore, and knew they could provide the best services.

“I liked what she told me,” said Pat, “I was impressed with her flexibility and her availability to help me with my aunt.”

The facility’s recent addition of Home Health Care Management provides in-home senior care by certified nursing assistants which includes meal preparation, medication management, as well as bathing and dressing assistance.

According to Pat, she and her aunt received the help they needed almost immediately.

She noticed how well Mary had adjusted with the company’s health care aides who she found to be professional, kind and very caring. Especially important for Pat was the fact that her aunt was given the 24-hour care she required.

“It had such a positive impact on my life,” she said, “I no longer worried about her being alone at any time.”

Although Mary has passed away, Pat will always be grateful for the assistance she had from Keswick at Home.

“I would recommend them to anyone who needed personal care,” she said.

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