Retirement With a Personal Assistant

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elder woman in retirement VirginiaAn energetic and passionate music lover, Ruth Rakoff started taking piano lessons at the age of five. Her only regret about her recent move is not realizing sooner that her apartment could have accommodated a piano. “This is the first home I have ever lived in without a piano. Music has always been my life,” she says. Knowing that her piano has a good home right down the street in her grandson’s house is comforting. Ruth is hopeful that her great grandchildren will learn to play and share her passion for music.

Ruth grew up outside of Boston and fondly recounts her summers at Cape Cod. The mother of two, grandmother of three, and great grandmother of two recently relocated to the area to be closer to her son and grandchildren. She currently resides in the Thoreau Place Condominiums in Reston, VA.

When Ruth’s husband, Bern, passed away, the couple had been enjoying life in Florida for over 28 years. After a couple of falls, Ruth’s children became concerned about her living alone. She recalls, “They felt that I was too far away from them. We all knew that it would be better for me to relocate closer.”

The family knew they had made the right decision when Ruth experienced a fall on move-in day. She broke her wrist and was in a cast for three months. Initially, the family turned to informal providers and friends for help. Family friends helped Ruth with bathing and kept her house clean. “I could not do much,” Ruth admits. While Ruth knew she could call one of these providers for help, the situation was not ideal. She notes, “I wanted someone I could rely on all the time, and these people had other jobs.”

When Ruth’s son found Buckley’s for Seniors, a new business providing non-medical personal assistance to seniors, he knew that this was the type of help his mother needed. Buckley’s for Seniors’ assistants now help Ruth two days a week. They take her to her hair appointments and help her complete all her errands, from picking up her dry cleaning to filling her prescriptions. Recently, while shopping for a water purifier, Ruth and her assistant spotted a coffee table that Ruth thought was perfect for her living room. Her assistant recorded measurements to make sure the item would fit and will return with Ruth to purchase it and move it into her condo.

“I can rely on them to get me where I need to go and take care of things that I either can’t do or just need a little help to do,” Ruth says. A typical day for Ruth now involves multiple appointments or shopping-all with her personal assistant by her side. Ruth is grateful for the independence that Buckley’s services afford her. She admits that she misses driving but realizes that she should follow her physician’s advice. With the help of Buckley’s, following her doctor’s orders is a little easier. She notes, “Because of their help, I am able to remain independent even without my own vehicle.”

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