Resting Easy Knowing Caregivers are Always There

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elder woman relaxing in home care agencies“They are my eyes,” says Lisa Delity of the home care agency that provides companionship services to her mother, Virginia Miller. Mrs. Miller, a retired social worker, is a long-time local resident. She has suffered from Parkinson’s disease for several years and has also been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Her family located an assisted living community that could provide the care that Mrs. Miller needed, but they were concerned that the care would not be individualized enough to meet her needs.

Lisa points out, “The staff at the assisted living community is good, but there are a lot of people, so I knew that my mom could never receive one-on-one care.” Initially, Lisa acquired additional home care support from an agency recommended by the assisted living staff, but she disliked the fact that they sent a different caregiver for her mother almost every day. “Dealing with so many new people is really difficult for someone with Alzheimer’s, so I knew that this agency wasn’t going to work out,” says Lisa.

When her friend who had faced some of the same challenges finding quality care for her mother recommended Options for Senior America, Lisa decided to give them a call. She remembers, “From that very first phone call, they have always been so professional and well-informed.”

Mrs. Miller now receives companionship care from Options at her assisted living community every day. The companions accompany Mrs. Miller to doctor’s appointments, ensure that her room stays neat, and assist her with eating. They also provide activities. Mrs. Miller plays memory games with her caregivers, which helps keep her mind stimulated. She is also able to go on walks and enjoy other freedoms that would not be available to her without the assistance of Options’ companions.

Mrs. Miller has formed a close bond with her caregiver of two years, Margaret, who recently went out on maternity leave. Although Margaret had to take leave, she still calls Mrs. Miller on a regular basis, and the two remain close. Mrs. Miller is now getting comfortable with a new caregiver provided by Options, who has proven to be just as reliable and capable.

“It is so wonderful to know that someone else is there when I can’t be. They provide a lot of assistance, which is really helpful, but the most important thing to me is knowing that they are with her all the time,” says Lisa. Lisa receives written statements detailing her mother’s daily activities from the Options caregivers, and she knows that someone is there in case of an emergency.

She recounts an incident during which her mother had to go the hospital, saying, “By the time I was notified, she was already in the emergency room, but the caregiver was with her, so I knew she would be alright.” Knowing that her mother is well cared for is an enormous comfort to Lisa.

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