Remaining Independent with Home-Delivered Groceries: Home Care

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Top Banana brings groceries to seniorsAn avid reader, Ema Jean Gorman enjoys books about science and the arts. Her Kensington apartment is lined with bookcases overflowing with interesting books. Ms. Gorman grew up in D.C., and after traveling and living all over the country, she returned to the city following WW II. She moved from her home to an apartment in Kensington Village 13 years ago, and she has no plans to move.

Ms. Gorman is able to stay in her apartment alone, even at 87, partly because of the home delivered groceries she receives every Friday from Top Banana. After several individual shoppers were unable to continue assisting Ms. Gorman, she heard about Top Banana from a neighbor and decided to give them a try. “I had never heard of it, but my neighbor brought me the brochure and told me that this service may be the answer to my problem,” relates Ms. Gorman.

For the past few months, Ms. Gorman has phoned in her grocery order on Wednesdays using a comprehensive catalog sorted by category. Then, on Fridays, she simply waits for Tammy Lou, her delivery person, to arrive. Of Tammy Lou, Ms. Gorman raves, “She is a wonderful young woman, and she is so remarkably devoted. On one occasion the electricity was off in the building due to a thunderstorm when she came to deliver my groceries, so she couldn’t use the elevator. She walked up the stairs soaking wet with the heavy load of groceries. I couldn’t believe it! I would have stopped her if I had known she was going to do that, but I was quite impressed by her dedication.” It’s service like this that helps Ms. Gorman to remain in her own apartment.

Top Banana offers more than a convenience to Ms. Gorman; their service helps her to maintain her current lifestyle. As Ms. Gorman points out, “I would recommend Top Banana to anyone who cannot shop for themselves. They have helped me to remain independent and that means a lot! Jean Guiffre, the owner of Top Banana, saw a need for shopping and aides and pursued it. She is an amazing person, who is always consistent and available to help.” With the assistance of her home health aide and her shopping aide, Ms. Gorman continues to live happily in her cozy apartment.

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