Remaining in Her Daughter’s Home

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Magnolia Deloatch grew up on a family farm in North Carolina. She and her husband and their seven girls moved to the DC area when he found a job working for the city. The couples’ large family grew to include over 70 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

After her husband passed away, Mrs. Deloatch continued to live in her apartment independently for several years. About five years ago, she began to experience some health problems, and her doctor recommended that she no longer continue to live alone.

Her oldest daughter, Thelma Driskell, explains, “After she got ill, she came to live with me. The doctor and my social worker were very helpful in working with me to get assistance from different government agencies. I was told that my mother was qualified for assisted living, but I really did not want her to move to a community. I thought she would be happier here, and I wanted her to be with me.”

Once Mrs. Driskell had decided to care for her mother in her home, a social worker came out for a home interview and recommended a home health care provider. “The social worker recommended BT Healthcare to help me with caring for my mother,” says Mrs. Driskell.

The help that the expert caregivers from BT Healthcare have offered to Mrs. Deloatch and her family have allowed her to remain in her daughter’s home while receiving the care that she needs. Of the services, Mrs. Driskell relates, “I have been very satisfied with their help. They are very cooperative, and the caregivers have all been nice. They always make sure that my mother is clean and comfortable, and that is very important.”

The caregivers help Mrs. Deloatch with bathing, eating, and provide some mobility exercises. Their help has been invaluable for her daughter, who concludes, “The caregivers from BT Healthcare have been so helpful in providing me with everything I have asked for.”

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