Relieving Financial Headaches for Retired Seniors

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older retired couple use money managementCarolyn and Raymond Ross moved from New Jersey to Classic Residence by Hyatt in Chevy Chase to be closer to their children. However, as their daughter, Jerilyn, relates, the complexity of their finances still plagued them: “My parents didn’t need help with a lot of things.

The key thing that was overwhelming for them was their finances. Every time I talked to my Mom, she was frustrated with another confusing bill.” In order to try to remove this burden from her parents, Jerilyn consulted Aging Network Services, a Geriatric Care Management firm, who recommended Kate Finan with Help Unlimited, Inc., a Daily Money Management firm.

Carolyn is thrilled with the peace of mind that Help Unlimited has provided to them. She raves, “They saved my life! Kate has taken over all my financial paperwork and responsibilities. She takes care of the bills, taxes, insurance, and checkbooks. She has really taken all the headaches out of my life.”

Kate comes to the Ross’ apartment every other Tuesday and spends about two and a half hours helping them take care of all of their bills and paperwork. One of the most valuable services she has offered has been assistance with Medicare statements, which are often complicated.

For Jerilyn, daily money management services have been a wonderful gift to her parents: “I told Kate initially to do what ever it took to help my parents and make life easier for them-to get them out from under the avalanche of bills and paperwork. I feel at this point in my parent’s life quality of life should be their primary focus. I just didn’t want them to spend their time dealing with bills, red tape, and bureaucracy.”

Confident that their finances are taken care of and their future is secure, Carolyn and Raymond now spend their time participating in leisure activities and visiting with their children and grandchildren. Rather than agonizing over their bills, the family can now truly enjoy their time together. As Jerilyn relates, “I am secure now that all of my parents’ financial needs are being met, and, most importantly, I know that these things are no longer a burden for them.”

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