Reflecting on the Transition to an Assisted Living Facility

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Today, when I turned the calendar over to show a new month, I realized that close to two years had passed since my wife, Marge, and I moved to an assisted living community.It seemed to be a good occasion for looking back at all that Marge and I had endured which led to our life-changing decision.I imagine our story would not be too different from our fellow residents.




We did not give up our home because we wanted to, but because we had to.Some years ago, I had a stroke. I made a good recovery, but some impact proved to be permanent.Slowly, but surely, I found keeping up with the maintenance of our home was proving to be too much for me.Also Marge endured a series of injuries; a broken back, a broken ankle, a fractured pelvis, a partial hip replacement and more.Our home was no longer safe.

We looked at a number of similar retirement places before settling on Springhouse of Bethesda.It was in a good neighborhood and was reasonably close to our children.We are satisfied that we made a good choice, although tearing our home apart in preparation for the move was a grim experience.

A big change from our past way of living was that we had to conform to other people’s schedule. That meant we had to give a little, perhaps more than a little, and we couldn’t live in the past.That can be difficult.I noticed that some of our fellow residents had trouble adjusting to the food.Serving over 80 meals for lunch and dinner couldn’t possibly satisfy varying tastes.Once again, compromise was necessary.

I was most impressed by the variety of activities offered at the community. Participating fully could keep you busy and never bored.Of course, for many, physical constraints were a defining factor.I have been most impressed by our fellow residents.Many have remarkable academic backgrounds and most have a good deal of common sense.

The staff here is well motivated and friendly.That is a reflection of good leadership.I should know because I spent most of my working years in a profession where good leadership saved lives. Indeed Marge and I are well satisfied with our decision to move to Springhouse.

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