Recognizing Home Care Providers

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LifeCircle Alliances honored these four outstanding caregivers in Fairfax County in its first annual Kudos for Community Caregivers Awards.   




Caregivers Acknowledged for Their Work

A group of individuals who provide care in the home and in assisted living were recognized by LifeCircle Alliances for their outstanding work.



Nominated by Chesterbrook Residences staff, residents, and Board members



Dr. Joe and Linda Marshall “juggle a lot of balls” at Chesterbrook Residences in Falls Church, a nonsectarian assisted living community for adults ages 62 and older.  Since the doors opened in 2007, virtually every day the Marshalls arrive at dinner time to welcome and assist the 97 residents. They have come to know and care about each resident.  These two community heroes help to make Chesterbrook a unique, family-like and caring assisted living residence. 

            Executive Director Marilen King wrote “How the Marshalls accomplish all this is a mystery.  What we do know is the Chesterbrook is the major beneficiary and its residents are truly blessed to have Linda and Joe Marshall as caring friends and caring community members.”



The Ramon Planas Family

Nominated by Elizabeth Heubner and the staff at Lewinsville

Adult Day Health Care Center 


Ramon’s mom has been attending the Lewinsville Adult Day Health Care Center since September 2002. Not only is the entire family is graciously sharing their gifts with the residents, but Ramon has become a staff volunteer. Having completed eight hours of training, he helps on trips so that the more handicapped residents can be included in the fun. His daughter Olivia completed an internship at the facility assisting the staff and participants with programs while his son Gabriel has performed for residents with a few of his high school band mates.  Both Ramon and his wife work full time, but they are setting a wonderful example for their children as they care for an elderly relative in their home and volunteer their talents at the center.



Mr. Dwight Barnes

Nominated by Ms. Ingrid Parkhurst, RN, Center Nurse Coordinator

Mount Vernon Adult Day Health Care Center 


Ms. Parkhurst wrote, “We know that it takes a village to raise a child; but, what does it take to care for a disabled adult?  Dwight Barnes, husband of Ann for 39 years, is a perfect example of the hard work and devotion required to care for a disabled loved-one. It would be wonderful for this ‘ordinary’ man to be recognized for his extraordinary effort to make his wife’s life not bearable, but wonderful.”

Ann was diagnosed in 2006 with a rare disorder called cerebellar ataxia, a disease that affects the brain and the nervous system. Dwight assists her with daily tasks such as bathing, dressing and giving her medications.  Every day, he drops Ann off at the center and picks her up after work with a smile on his face.




Mrs. Joan Frankhauser

Nominated by Michelle Thyen, Director of Volunteer Programs

Brain Injury Services


Joan cares for her husband of 55 years, Mahlon, who has endured years of painful rehabilitation, rare neurological conditions and severe hearing loss in both ears as the result of an accident.  When there is a problem in his path, Joan works until she finds a remedy or a compensatory strategy to less the behavior or medical condition on hand. She assists Mahlon in his duties as a volunteer and does clerical work for hospice.

Michelle wrote, “Joan is the epitome of the perfect caregiver. ….If every person with a disability or chronic medical condition could be blessed with someone similar to Joan, the world would truly be a better place.”


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Dr. Joseph and Linda Marshall

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