Receiving Help with Unmanageable Bills and Paperwork: Senior Financial Planning

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senior living community resident mdAmelia Frank was receiving confusing bills and needed help with her tax paperwork when she turned to a Daily Money Manager.

Family members came from Delaware and Baltimore, neighbors stopped by to offer congratulations, and both new and old friends were happy to celebrate Amelia Frank’s recent 97th birthday. As she approaches the centenarian milestone, Mrs. Frank enjoys the company of good friends and family members. She readily admits that finding the right type of assistance has allowed her to remain in control of her life-and her finances.

Mrs. Frank graduated from Barnard College and taught high school for several years in upstate New York. In 1942, a colleague from Barnard asked her why she was not involved in the war effort. Shortly thereafter, she joined the U.S. Navy. After 20 years in the service, she retired as a Lieutenant Commander.

After retiring, Mrs. Frank focused her energies on volunteer work. One of her most rewarding positions was with The Seton Guild, the organization that provides fundraising support for the St. Ann’s Infant and Maternity Home, a home for needy expectant mothers and mothers with young children. Mrs. Frank recalls with some pride several mothers who went on to get college degrees after leaving St. Ann’s.

When her husband passed away, Mrs. Frank decided to leave her family home in favor of a smaller apartment. Later, she moved to Leisure World, where she enjoyed an active lifestyle. While dealing with some health problems, Mrs. Frank realized that she needed a more supportive environment and moved Bedford Court, a Sunrise Senior Living community in Silver Spring, MD.

While still living at Leisure World, Mrs. Frank began receiving confusing bills from home care agencies that were assisting her. Unsure how to contest these bills, she turned to the social worker at Leisure World, who recommended Help Unlimited, a local Daily Money Management firm.

In 2005, Help Unlimited began assisting Mrs. Frank. During her first visit with Mrs. Frank, Roberta Gosier, a Daily Money Manager and the Director of Help Unlimited, focused on resolving the issues with the home care agencies’ bills. Roberta also worked with Mrs. Frank in pulling together her 2004 income tax paperwork. It did not take long to solve these problems, but unfortunately, Roberta soon discovered that someone had misused Mrs. Frank’s credit card and her long distance service. Help Unlimited immediately addressed these issues and helped Mrs. Frank to avoid any damage to her credit record.

Mrs. Frank now only needs periodic assistance to keep her affairs in order and her tax paperwork up-to-date. “Getting all these papers organized is extremely important,” says Mrs. Frank.

Always meticulous and detail-oriented, Mrs. Frank admits that she enjoyed balancing her checkbook and taking care of her bills. However, she now realizes how important the help of a Daily Money Manager can be. This type of assistance has helped her to resolve incorrect bills and avoid unmanageable paperwork.

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