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The year 2006 took a toll on Kim Moyer’s family. As her parents were approaching their 60th wedding anniversary that June, her father passed away. Just a few months later, her mother Dorothy suffered a massive stroke. As a result, Kim, the youngest of six, took the responsibility of seeing that her mom received the appropriate care.

Thanks to the Visiting Angels staff, Dorothy Moyer has been able to remain at home, giving her youngest daughter, Kim, peace of mind.

Thanks to the Visiting Angels staff, Dorothy Moyer has been able to remain at home, giving her youngest daughter, Kim, peace of mind.

Dorothy spent two weeks in the hospital before entering a rehabilitation facility. In addition to the speech and cognitive effects from her stroke, she also suffered from the beginning stages of Parkinson’s disease and had knee problems.

It was her wish, however, to remain at home and although Kim and her oldest sister were living with Dorothy, they knew they would need additional assistance. “My mother said she never wanted to go to a nursing home,” said Kim. “As long as we could do it physically and financially we were going to look into homecare.”

Fortunately, as she was visiting her mother in rehabilitation daily, Kim would see a Visiting Angels car from the lobby and decided to look into the home health care agency.

After contacting Steve and Jacqueline Mekanik of the Doylestown branch, the Moyer family was quickly set up with two caregivers that have been assisting Dorothy from 12-6 on weekdays.

Having this help has given Kim and the rest of her family peace of mind, especially since she works full-time 40 miles away while her sister works a part-time job and had at one point ruptured her Achilles.

“That made it especially tough, but the caregivers were really great in accommodating us while my sister was recovering and came from 10-6,” said Kim.

According to Kim, during the hours they are with Dorothy, the caregivers provide different services from preparing breakfast and lunch to transferring her and assisting with toileting and bathing. In addition to minor housekeeping and helping her exercise, they have, most importantly, offered Dorothy valuable companionship.

“My mom loves to watch the birds and squirrels, so they help leave food out so my mom can see them,” said Kim.

After the trying months they experienced, Kim and her family could not be more grateful for the support they have received for the past five years from the Visiting Angels staff.

“Thanks to them, we’ve been able to meet my mom’s wishes,” she said. “They have really helped us, and I appreciate what they do for her.”

Published: April 2014


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