Real-Life Story–Options for Senior America Corp.

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“Ben is wonderful. He is so good at reading my husband’s personality and gauging his needs,” said Elizabeth* of Katshina “Ben” Nosonga, her husband’s in-home caregiver provided by Options for Senior America Corp. “He knows when to encourage my husband and when to give him his space.”

Formerly a business law attorney, Elizabeth’s husband, Robert*, was diagnosed with leukemia last spring. As a result of the disease, he lost his hearing. Following treatment, he spent five months in a rehabilitation facility. Once he was able to return to the couple’s home, Elizabeth knew she would need help to care for him.

Elizabeth turned to Options for Senior America, a local in-home care firm that is celebrating its 25th year in business this year. She and Robert were already familiar with the quality and affordability that Options offered, since they worked with the company previously to arrange care for Robert’s mother.

Options helped Elizabeth find Ben, who now provides care for Robert five days a week while she is at work. An executive assistant for a non-profit agency, Elizabeth couldn’t continue to work full time without the help of Options.

“I don’t have to take off work to take him to all of his doctor’s appointments,” Elizabeth said. “I also have the peace of mind of knowing that he is not alone in a non-hearing situation.”

Elizabeth learned first-hand how dangerous it can be to be left alone when you can’t hear. After her father passed away, she returned to their home late at night to find the carbon monoxide alarm going off, while Robert was sound asleep. “No one was hurt, but that was a blaring reminder that he shouldn’t be home alone,” she recalled.

“Now, Ben takes my husband everywhere—to doctors’ offices, the grocery store, the bank, the post office and to his chemo appointments,” Elizabeth said. With the help of Ben and Options, Elizabeth is able to continue working, knowing her husband is always well cared for and safe.

*Names have been changed.

Published: April 2014


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