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It all started with a phone call. Ivor and Jean Jones had been living in an assisted living community in Baltimore, Md., for several years when one of their sons, Dr. Bruce Jones, received an unexpected call from their neighbor. “The neighbor had seen their condo listed in the paper as not having paid taxes. It was scheduled for tax sale,” Bruce recalled.

Bruce was shocked, but he soon realized that his father had not been managing any of the couple’s finances. “We discovered that my dad hadn’t been paying my mother’s Medicare premiums since May 2010, and the medical bills were piling up,” Bruce said.

The Jones family no longer has to worry about sorting paperwork or paying bills. Pictured are fro left to right: Ivor, Tanya, Bruce and Jean Jones.

When Bruce’s wife, Tanya, read about InfoDoc, a company that offers estate organizing services, she knew they could help. “Mary Helen [with InfoDoc] has been a godsend,” said Bruce. “You read about this stuff and you think it wouldn’t be so difficult to handle, but it’s so much harder when you are actually trying to do it yourself.”

Although Medicare originally told Bruce and his mother they only needed to pay $300 and coverage would be reinstated, the check was never cashed and the family could not get any answers. When InfoDoc stepped in to help, they contacted Congressman John Sarbanes’ office, and his staff helped the family get Medicare re-instated; however, coverage would not start until July 2012.

Since this still left the family liable for old medical bills, InfoDoc continued to pursue complete coverage. Mary Helen reached out to Senator Benjamin Cardin’s office, and they ultimately helped get coverage re-instated and retroactive back to May 2010. Remarkably, Jean’s coverage was reinstated on a Friday and that Sunday she fell and broke her hip and had to have a hip replacement.

“Getting Medicare reinstated took a tremendous amount of effort on her part– letter writing and countless phone calls –and it saved us tens of thousands of dollars,” Bruce said. “Her services really have more than paid for themselves.”

In addition to helping the Jones family get Medicare reinstated, InfoDoc organized their files and helped to eliminate bogus charges coming out of the checking account. They are also working to get the medical facilities and doctors who were paid by the family to resubmit Medicare claims and reimburse the family.

“This kind of work takes a lot of attention to detail and a lot of creativity as well,” Bruce concluded. With a very demanding schedule of his own, Bruce is grateful that he can now spend his free time with his family– instead of reviewing, analyzing and paying bills.

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