Felco Packing & Moving – Real-Life Story

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“It was an awesome task,” said Janet Cooper of her aunt Gloria Gary’s move from a large apartment to an independent living community. Of course, Janet did not know at the time that the nearly overwhelming move would only be the first of three.

Janet has always been close to her aunt, and when Gloria asked her to serve as power of attorney, she was happy to do it. Since that time, Gloria has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

When the family decided that it was time for Gloria to move from her large apartment to a community that offered independent and assisted living, Janet knew she needed help. “The people at the community highly recommended Felco Packing & Moving,” recalled Janet.

From day one, Jeff Feldman and his staff have made Gloria’s many moves as seamless as possible. “That first move was the biggest move I’ve ever made in my life,” explained Janet. “She had as much furniture as a house in that big apartment, but Mr. Feldman was always accommodating.”

While the professionals handled all the heavy lifting, Janet was able to help her aunt prepare for the transition. “They packed up anything and everything that I asked and moved it out. There wasn’t anything they wouldn’t do,” she said. After moving all the furniture out, Felco also helped the family set up the new apartment, relocate furniture to several different family members, and donate unwanted items.

As Gloria’s condition has worsened, Janet has called on Felco two additional times for packing and moving assistance. The first was when her aunt moved to a new assisted living community closer to her sister. Here, she initially had two adjoining rooms, so she had plenty of space to spread out. Recently, Janet decided that her aunt would be more comfortable in a single room.

During both moves, Janet has been relieved to have the help of Felco. “Just to know that when you call, they are ready and able to help whatever day and time you need them is amazing,” she said.

Janet continues to be a dedicated caregiver for her beloved aunt Gloria, who is safe and well cared for in her new community. While Janet admits that caregiving has its challenges, she now knows that having the right professionals on your team can help turn awesome tasks into remarkable success stories.

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