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Lila Skaer’s teeth hurt. However, at 96, she was also coping with a wide array of physical and mental challenges, including macular degeneration, hearing loss and mild memory impairment. For her granddaughter and sole caregiver, Star Straf, there never seemed to be time for a dental appointment.

“We had just never gotten around to seeing the dentist,” Star explained. “I knew it would be really challenging to get her there, and I knew we would need to find a dentist who was experienced with elderly patients. There just always seemed to be other priorities.”

Dr. Dubin treating a patient in her apartment at a retirement community.

Dr. Dubin treating a patient in her apartment at a retirement community.

When District Mobile Dental started offering on-site dental services to the residents at the Hermitage, an assisted living community in Alexandria, Va., where her grandmother lives, Star knew they had found an ideal solution. District Mobile Dental provides complete dental care in assisted living facilities, senior homes, offices or private residences. The expert team, led by Dr. Gerry Dubin, offers comprehensive dental services for patients with varying physical and mental capacities.

“They have a really impressive set up,” said Star, who noted that the dentist brings the patient chair, as well as supply cases holding all the standard dental tools.

After evaluating Lila, Dr. Dubin recommended a treatment plan that included two crowns. “He did all the prep work for the two crowns right in her room, made the crowns back at his office, and then returned to put the permanent crowns in,” Star recalled.

Not having to take her grandmother to the dentist was easier for both women. “It was great for her to have the dental services in her room, and he was so patient and gentle with her. It was also amazing for me because it meant less time off work,” Star said. “My grandmother said he was the best dentist she’s ever had because it didn’t hurt at all. I can’t think of a better compliment for a dentist.”

In fact, Dr. Dubin’s expertise in working with elderly patients has become well known. Kelly Harms, the Executive Director of Brightview Fallsgrove, an assisted living community in Rockville, Md., has received positive feedback on his services from many of her residents.

District Mobile Dental has been working with the residents of Brightview since the community opened in February 2013. They have performed everything from simple procedures to involved surgeries on site.

“I believe they are the only mobile dental service that is so thorough and so flexible. They make it very convenient for our residents and their families,” Kelly said. “The residents are amazed and impressed with how much he can do inside their apartments. They also always remark on the fact that Dr. Dubin really takes his time with them, and they never feel rushed.”

For seniors and their families, going to the dentist is now a lot easier—and it no longer has to involve going. They can get the quality care they need in the privacy of their homes.


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