Real-Life Story–Atrium Assisted Living

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A native Washingtonian, Pam Davis has never strayed far from home. And she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Pam lived in a house on Blagden Avenue in Washington, D.C., with her parents until her father passed away. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis years ago, Pam remained in her family home where she could get the support she needed to manage her disease.

After graduating from Howard School of Law in 1982, Pam took a position with the D.C. Department of Employment Services in the Office of the General Counsel. As a paralegal specialist, she focused on worker’s compensation cases. Pam enjoyed her work as a paralegal and remained at the office for eight years.

After her father passed away, she moved with her mother to nearby Knollwood Retirement Community. With her mother’s help, she was able to maintain an independent lifestyle.

“When my mother passed away, I knew I could not live alone, so I made the decision to move to Atrium Assisted Living,” Pam said. “I get a lot of TLC and assistance here. The staff watches my diet and makes sure I get the medical care I need.”

Atrium Assisted Living group homes are located in upscale neighborhoods in Potomac and Silver Spring, Md. Pam lives in a charming home in Silver Spring, featuring a 2-story living room complete with skylights providing beautiful natural light. Outside, residents can enjoy views of a nearby farm while relaxing on the deck or in the gazebo.

Residents also benefit from the small, home-like environment of Atrium. With only eight residents per property, staff members are able to form strong relationships with every resident. They are also able to offer a wide array of amenities and activities catered to meet the residents’ specific needs and interests.

Since moving to Atrium Assisted Living, Pam is able to relax and enjoy life, knowing that all of her care needs will be met. “I really enjoy watching movies and TV series on PBS. I also love listening to Jazz,” she said.

However, lately her focus has been on mastering new technology. “Right now, my hobby is learning how to operate my iPhone. I just got a book to help me with that,” she laughed as she said.

Having a safe, comfortable place to call home has given Pam the security that she needed. She found her ideal home just a few miles from where she grew up—right in the heart of the D.C. region.

Published: December 2013


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