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“I don’t really think of them as employees; I think of them as family,” said Linda Eisenbrandt of the team of caregivers from Access Nursing Services that cares for her son, Brian.

Brian has Duchenne Muscular Distrophy, a rare disease that strikes boys around the age of 13. Brian’s muscles slowly started to disintegrate as a result of the disease. Now 30, he is paraplegic and needs a variety of respiratory and physical therapies to help him remain as active as possible.

“Brian loves to play on the computer. He has a graphic tablet with a pen he can control with his fingers, and he is really good with it,” said Linda. “He also loves sports and going to sporting events.”

Brian Eisenbrandt and his family have benefitted from the professionalism and compassion of Access Nursing’s caregivers.

Brian Eisenbrandt and his family have benefitted from the professionalism and compassion of Access Nursing’s caregivers.

As Brian’s condition has worsened, Linda and her husband, Fred, have increasingly needed the assistance of in-home caregivers. Over the years, the family has used several agencies to provide care for Brian. However, several years ago, they started to experience some problems with scheduling caregivers.

“I was getting really frustrated because the nurses would call out from work, and I would have no back up,” Linda recalled. As the co-owner of a women’s consignment shop in Baltimore, Linda needed more reliable help, so she could focus on building her business.

Linda turned to her friend Tom Weadock, Senior Vice President of Access Nursing Services for help. “Tom told me that they would love to help us, and it has been great since then,” Linda said. “I am never left stranded now, and all the staff is fabulous and responsive.”

In addition to their reliability, Linda and her family have also benefitted from the professionalism and compassion of Access Nursing’s caregivers. “I am so grateful to have these people in our lives. They are so capable and so good in emergencies. They have also really become a part of our family. Some of them are truly Brian’s best friends,” she said.

Access Nursing’s team of caregivers provides care for Brian 16 hours a day, including a day shift and a night shift. Their care allows Linda and Fred to work and rest and still enjoy time with Brian and their two other children.

“The nurses do everything,” Linda says. “They order his medications and his medical supplies. They do his respiratory therapy and physical therapy. They feed him breakfast and lunch. There really isn’t anything they don’t do.”

Having qualified caregivers in their home allows Linda and Fred to focus on enjoying their family. The couple frequently goes out to dinner with Brian, and they also plan periodic vacations. “Every summer, we go to a beach house that my husband’s family owns that is accessible for Brian. It’s just wonderful to get away, and he loves it,” Linda said. “We also regularly visit my family in Scranton, and my parents and sisters have all made their houses accessible as well, so we can go wherever we want. Brian loves spending time with his cousins.”

When they are at home, Linda and her family are grateful for the peace of mind that Access Nursing provides. In addition to the regular caregivers, the company also has a nurse coordinator who checks in with the family and the caregivers periodically to make sure Brian’s care plan is up-to-date and everything is going well.

“Ultimately, I’m just excited to have them, and I hope other people will be too,” Linda concluded. While the Eisenbrandts have faced their fair share of challenges, they are enormously grateful for the team of quality caregivers who are now a part of the family.


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