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After living in his home near Perry Hall, Md., for more than 30 years, Mr. S* knew it was time to move. He also knew that relocating would be an enormous task. That’s when he turned to Abilities Network’s Move Management program.

In his mid-90s, Mr. S had been living alone in his single family home for more than a year since his wife passed away. He was starting to experience increasing health challenges, including problems with his sight and hearing. While he had in-home care providers, he knew that he needed more help and made the decision to move to Oak Crest, a nearby retirement community.

A professional move management program helped Mr. S move to a retirement community and prepare his home for sale—without any hassles or stress.

A professional move management program helped Mr. S move to a retirement community and prepare his home for sale—without any hassles or stress.

Mr. S felt confident that the move would simplify his life and give him the help he needed to enjoy his retirement. However, the thought of moving was overwhelming. While his daughter was supportive of the move, she lives in another state and could not physically assist with all the downsizing and packing. When the staff at Oak Crest recommended Abilities Network to help with his move, Mr. S and his daughter were relieved.

A non-profit organization, Abilities Network offers a wide variety of moving options, as well as community services. Services include a free speaker series in their Towson, Md., office once a month.

Prior to his move, Mr. S met with one of Abilities Network’s move managers, Heather Murphy, to determine the best plan of action. With the help of his daughter, they decided to focus first on moving to his new apartment.

On the day before the move, Abilities Network staff members arrived at the home of Mr. S and began packing his belongings. The professional staff members were able to help Mr. S and his daughter make final decisions about what to take to his new home, keeping space considerations and sentimental value in mind.

On moving day, Abilities Network oversaw the movers and unpacked and put away everything. When Mr. S entered his new apartment, it was completely set up, with the bed made and everything in its place.

While Mr. S was busy meeting new friends, the Abilities Network team returned to his old home and began sorting through his remaining belongings. They sold some items and donated the remainder to a local charity. Within two weeks, the home was ready to be placed on the market.

“I had no idea how long it would take to empty out the entire house,” said Mr. S’s daughter. “Although my dad and I worked for nearly two weeks, there was so much more to do, and it was great to know that Abilities Network would take care of everything. They were able to help us find a carpenter/painter who got the house ready for sale after it was emptied. It took so much off my dad’s shoulders and my mind.”

In addition to his well-organized apartment and new friends, Mr. S is also enjoying all the amenities that come with retirement living. Chief among these amenities are the delicious meals. “My father is adjusting well to his new life. He has already gained five pounds,” his daughter noted with a smile.

*Name has been changed.


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