Ready…Set…Go! Finding the Right Retirement Community

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senior communityThere are many communities and lifestyle options available to you in the Delaware Valley area. However, during the uncertainty of our current economic situation, how do you accurately plan for your future residential and health care needs? Carol Burnham, a partner and Director of Sales at Whiteland Village, says, “We believe that the process is similar to preparing for a foot race.”

According to Carol, it is in your best interest to do some “warm up exercises” in order to determine which community offers you the best value with the most comprehensive array of amenities and services that you consider important. Therefore, she suggests a few basic steps to jumpstart your training.

Carol and her team at Whiteland Village recommend that before you are faced with reacting to a need-driven situation, you should prepare yourself by making a list of standard questions that you plan to discuss with each community you are considering. Their community offers the Whiteland Village Competitive Analysis Guideline & Worksheet, a comprehensive workbook referencing over 60 specific questions that should be addressed when visiting potential communities.

“Narrow your focus to those communities that offer the services and options that best address your unique situation and provide you with the opportunity to make informed decisions regarding your concerns for the future,” says Carol. “By utilizing the built-in review and comparison sections within the Whiteland Village workbook, you can better define your priorities.”

Once you have defined the community that meets your needs, Carol recommends you “take action now, not only to protect your ability to make future decisions at a time frame that fits your schedule, but to capitalize on the various incentives available.” For example, Whiteland Village offers a Reserve Now-Pay Later plan, a no-cost home equity line of credit.

“We want to make it easier to join our community of over 400 residents who take comfort in knowing that they will be able to age in place while enjoying the protection and support of medical and financial security,” says Carol.

Concluding with words of encouragement, Carol says, “Taking steps to protect your future is like preparing for a long distance race instead of a simple sprint. It takes research, planning, practice and sometimes a little motivation to finish — even a professional marathon runner needs a cheering section.”

The team at Whiteland Village invites you to visit them at their sales and model center located in Exton, PA. They clearly want to help you cross the finish line; the only question now is, “Are you ready to step up to the starting blocks?”

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