Reaching Out For Rewards: Moving Assistance for Elders

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As Karen will be the first to tell you, sometimes you just can’t do it alone. And when you reach out for help, there are often huge rewards.

When her mother developed dementia, Karen realized she only had one week to empty her Pikesville condominium and prepare if for sale. During that same week, she also had to move her father from a nursing home to an assisted living facility.

As someone who is first to admit she is not the greatest organizer, Karen realized she needed support to ease the overwhelming of moving. She called Senior Transitions, a Maryland-based service that offers moving and downsizing assistance.

At first, Karen and Mary Ellen, a staff member, found nothing surprising-lots of paper, clutter, and the like. However, on the last day of sorting, they stumbled across an envelope with six $10,000 savings bonds.

The find came as an enormous relief to Karen, whose mother had dwindled her savings by generously giving money away to other relatives, friends and worthy causes. She was excited about the prospect of having more money to provide quality care for her mother.

The day wasn’t done, however. A search of a file drawer uncovered lost family documents that included passports belonging to Karen’s grandparents, who moved during the holocaust to escape death. When they died, Karen’s family did not receive any of their historical belongings. Now she had something to treasure from years to come.

In one week, Karen was able to make arrangements for the sale of the condo. Her mother is adjusting and she has treasured mementos she never dreamed would be seen again.

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