Pursuing a Passion in Retirement Community

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Pursuing a Passion in Retirement“I am an immigrant and I have benefited greatly from coming to this country, so I am very interested in the problems of people like me,” said Frank Collins, Ph.D., a resident at Potomac Place in Woodbridge, Va. Frank is a retired college professor, lifelong political and social justice activist, and an advocate on immigrants’ rights. There is no doubt that he takes on each of his interests and pursuits with passion.


A graduate of Columbia University, Frank taught Physical Chemistry most of his career at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn. “I was so involved in teaching, I didn’t do much research,” he said.
After retiring, however, Frank became interested in Physics.

These days, he spends his time engrossed in a research project that has spanned several years. It is a passion the 99-year-old credits for his longevity. “I have something to live for,” he said with a big smile.

Fueled by curiosity, Frank has discovered a flaw in Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. He has documented his findings in great detail and has begun to share them with physicists at several universities across the country. Frank quipped, “I am not brighter than Einstein, and he knew a lot more about Mathematics than I ever will, but I think he was wrong.”

Born and raised in New Zealand, Frank left the country when he was a teenager. He shared how his father was prone to drinking alcohol when the U.S. was under Prohibition. “It was a golden opportunity for my mother,” he said with a laugh.

Before permanently moving to Potomac Place, Frank and his wife had actually stayed there for two weeks as he recovered from a head injury that had put him in the hospital. When Frank’s wife started showing signs of memory loss, however, they looked around but were again drawn to the community based on their experience and its location less than a half mile from their home.

As time went on, she began to have more pronounced memory loss issues and moved to The Rose Memory Care Center, a specialized section focusing on Memory and Alzheimer’s Care. “She is quite happy there, which I think is very important,” said Frank. And he is certainly happy that he can visit and spend time with her regularly while continuing his research knowing she is in a safe and secure environment.

_To read “The Expansion of the Universe is Spherical,” by Frank C. Collins, Ph.D. and see video from the interview visit www.retirement-living.com._

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