Why not turn to a retirement community for advice on parenting?

I received a note the other day from The Watermark at Logan Square that really impressed me. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, they had tapped into the wisdom of their residents for their thoughts on being a mom.

Here are some quotes from residents at their sister community in Woodbury Mews in Woodbury, NJ:

Eleanor Baldwin, a mother of five, said:
• “Talk to your children, share everything about your life with them, teach them to be honest, decent human beings, and to have a good disposition.”

Pauline Nicgorski, who has 10 grandchildren, said:
• “Motherhood is a blessing and the greatest joy is when you hold the baby in your arms for the first time. The best advice is always lead by example and savor every moment.”

Joan Dolcebac, a grandmother, said:
• “Live one day at a time and learn from your mistakes – they’re the stepping stones of life – and pass your positive attitude on to your children. We’re their first teachers!”

Virginia Aydt, a great-grandmother of one, said:
• “Listen to your children and give them the best advice you can. Tell them you love them!”

Rosemary Mazer, a mother of four, said:
• “Enjoy them while they are young – they grow up very fast.”

Doris Lomax, who has five great-grandchildren, said:
• “Make their home safe and happy.”

Maybe this had an impact on me because the book Aging Awakenings: Assisted Living Residents Teach University Students to Overcome Ageism  is still so fresh in my mind. In it, the University of Michigan students cited that some of the best advice they received from the assisted living residents they visited was related to sex and relationships!

I think this speaks to the fact that sometimes the advice that elders can offer to non-family members can often be more forthcoming and better received. So this Mother’s Day, send your Mom roses and take her out for a good meal – but then head down to the local retirement community and chat up someone elses Mom for some good objective words of wisdom!

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