When are you REALLY going to move to a retirement community?


This was one of the questions I received last week when I was the featured guest on the Weekly GrandCare Aging/Technology WebinarClick here to access the webinar (please note you can let your computer buffer and fast forward to 12 minutes where my presentation begins)

My response was that I hope that by the time I might “need” to move to a senior living setting that they don’t exist as we know them today.  I could (and should) begin to make changes in my life far in advance before I am old enough to move into an age restricted community, here are a few things I could do:


  •  I currently live in a home and lifestyle that requires an automobile to maintain my sense of purpose.  I could move to a more walk able neighborhood that is close to a grocery store and public transportation.
  •  I could choose a home that embraces concepts of Universal Design
  • I could organize my neighbors to create a system where we will help each other and share resources.

If I did these things would I ever “need” to move to a retirement community?  You might presume I would need to move to a community if my health needs change.  Would you like to make that transition to a community where everyone is over a certain age and needs assistance OR would you like to make that transition in a neighborhood where people of all ages and abilities live?

These solutions can exist if we start talking to our neighbors and we begin to abandon all the preconceived notions of how we currently define elder care and broaden it to how do we want to live our lives.

I was also a guest blogger this week on the CCAL website, which is a not-for-profit organization committed to promoting person centered living.  Click here to read that post which presents a similar approach to this topic.

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  • Steve – You definitely caught my attention. Instead of being on the outside looking in…your on the inside looking out. What a unique perspective. I just stumbled across your blog. I am going to think about this a bit and read more of your post.


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